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  • World first complex "anti-ageing" supplement.
  • A unique blend of 39 healthy ageing glycol-nutrients and superfoods.
  • Made in Australia and now available world-wide.
  • Created by a Queensland Naturopath with over 30 years’ experience.
  • Designed to work at a cellular level to repair tired and damaged cells.
  • Save thousands of $$$$ on medicines and supplements each year.
  • Avoid costly medical procedures - look and feel younger for longer naturally


A breakthrough new product has just hit the market which promises to change the lives of everyone who is seeking better health and wants to slow down ageing, without the expensive price tag.


While this innovative product and its contents may seem complex – the concept is simple – getting healthy and looking youthful is an inside job – fix your insides and you’ll see the benefits on the outside.


The co-founders of Hydra Longevity developed Healthy Ageing Essentials using 30 years of clinical health and wellness knowledge and experience.


Chief Science Officer, Co-founder, experienced Naturopath and Anti-Ageing and Longevity practitioner Peter Kahler says, “Healthy Ageing Essentials has been developed to improve our lifespan but more importantly our healthspan – how well we live in our future years.”


Hydra Longevity's aim is to create products that influence and improve all the internal factors responsible for chronic disease and the ageing process, giving everyone the opportunity to take back ownership of their own health and be proactive in how well they feel and look on a daily basis.


“As we get older, we are faced with the impacts of chronic disease and illness, becoming increasingly frail,” Kahler says. "We are looking for simple ways to boost our wellbeing and vitality so we can enjoy our whole life. The health of our genes and DNA determines how well and how long we live – our focus needs to be on the repair, regeneration and protection of our cells over a lifetime."


Healthy Ageing Essentials targets the root causes of age-related diseases, looking for the cause and tackling it - creating a healthy internal environment and a body full of energy and activity.


“True health is an inside job – the product works from the inside out,” Kahler added.


Hydra Longevity’s goal is to assist people to reduce the amount of medicines and supplements they need to take each day, by developing products made from quality therapeutic nutrients that target nutritional needs.


Kahler says :“When people hear the word 'Anti-Ageing', many think it means expensive visits to cosmetic clinics for things like botox, growth hormone injections and nips-n-tucks, or applying skin products – they spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars treating the outside. This is just masking and patching up damage and deterioration that is coming from the inside.


“If your insides are damaged, inflamed and depleted, the effort should be put into the health of our inner cells and tissue.”


The ingredients in Healthy Ageing Essentials are all validated by science and backed by clinical results.


Price comparison charts show the ingredients in Healthy Ageing Essentials, if bought individually or through a combination of other products, could cost over $400 dollars – this product is a quarter of the price making it affordable to more people.


Kahler says: “Ageing usually isn’t something people think about until they start to see the physical signs, but it’s never too early or too late to turn back the clock and also expand your health span.”


The product is designed for people as young as 15 – right through to their 100s.


“There are so many benefits to boosting your cellular energy: better sleep, more energy to be active and exercise, less stress and providing your body with the means to fight the negative aspects of ageing,” he says. “We need to improve our health and wellbeing so we can live a long life full of vigour and vitality.


“Hydra Longevity is passionate about turning people’s lives around and this new product will not only save you a lot of money but help you feel better and look younger for longer naturally.”


Peter Kahler is a health professional who is also available to speak on these health topics.




Please see attached document for Healthy Ageing Essentials Benefits.


For more information or to book an interview please do not hesitate to call me.


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