Tuesday, November 26th, 2019 - DealDrop

DealDrop.com, a prominent online coupon website, has updated their algorithm to give greater exposure to small to medium size brands in an effort to support global entrepreneurs and help them to grow sales and increase their customer base.

One of the hardest challenges for any online business is gaining exposure and breaking into already competitive markets. With DealDrop’s focus on promoting new and growing businesses, the company hopes that recent changes to their algorithm will increase exposure for these new players and as a result help them expand and increase sales.

Online shoppers are always looking for coupons and deals to save them money at the checkout. By working with newer brands and making their compelling offers easier to find, DealDrop hopes that customers will be happy to purchase from these companies and “test them out”.

Some of the companies which DealDrop has been actively promoting have seen an increase in sales by 8% in the last quarter alone.

DealDrop.com will constantly be improving the way it collects and shares offers from their partners and they reply on feedback from users and merchants alike to help with this work.

“DealDrop at its core is about helping people save money at the checkout,” said Denny Vuong, co-founder of DealDrop. “and by doing so, we drive new customers and help increase sales for our partners all across to over world.” 

DealDrop is always looking for new merchants to promote and encourages these businesses to contact them at [email protected]

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