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The first searchable online directory of Mobile Therapists is here!

 As our population ages and convenience has become not only a necessity but an expectation, the demand for mobile therapists is on the rise.


Equally, the importance of maintaining independent living, for as long as possible, is critical for mental health and a good quality of life. The Australian Government provides financial support via the ‘Home Care Packages Program’, helping to improve senior’s quality of life by assisting them to remain connected to the community and as active and independent as possible.

As at 31st of March, 2019, 99,110 people had a Home Care Package, up 6.2 % since December 2018.  Furthermore, as at June 30 this year, a further 116,362 people awaiting approval of a home care package had engaged another form of Commonwealth subsidised home care support. 

Over their 20 year career in Aged Care, the founders of Home Visit Network have noticed a gradual move to more mobile businesses that cater to members of the community who cannot leave their home. But finding a home visit therapist isn’t easy, as they tend to match to the closest head office, excluding many great services who travel to the area. Their solution was to build the first searchable online directory, making finding mobile therapists so much easier.

The Home Visit Network is designed to make it easy to search for a therapist in your local area and from their experience, often when someone requires one type of mobile therapy, they will need another very soon thereafter.

The site which has now launched, currently featuring three therapy types: Physiotherapists, Podiatrists and Occupational Therapists covering all major Australian capital cities. The company will be adding new therapy types over the coming months and is focussing on smaller, independent businesses in favour of larger companies because of the more personable service they offer.

Users simply type in their postcodes to find a list of mobile therapists in their local area. The service is free to use for patients and mobile health service providers alike.

For health care professionals, running a mobile business has become so much easier with the assistance of technology and low entry costs; combine this with the increase in Government funding for home services as our population ages and it is inevitable that we will see this sector continue to grow and boom”, said Home Visit Network’s Mr Clayton Byrne. 

Director and Founder of www.ownbody.com.au, Fiona White has a 55 strong team of mobile therapists operating across Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcaste, Launceston and Adelaide, “I am motivated by seeing my patients improve and be proud of their own achievements.  Knowing that my passion for exercise and health can help my clients improve their quality of life never fails to make me smile!” Ms White was recently also the proud winner of the 2019 Telstra Small Business Award and is a member of the Home Visit Network Group.

Another such mobile therapist is Lachlan Newcombe of Podi Podiatry in South Australia, who offers a free foot massage as part of their company’s in-home service! “With the full roll out of the NDIS and more of our aging population staying at home instead of moving into aged care there has been a significant and sustained increase in home care demands.  Mobile health care gives the user great flexibility and they don’t even have to leave home!” says Lachlan who has been a mobile therapist for over 6 years. 

The Home Visit Network is a great Australian service connecting mobile health professionals and their potential patients in their local communities

For more information:

visit www.homevisitnetwork.com.au or call Clayton Byrne on 0408 833 395.

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Home Visit Network

At Home Visit Network we believe that professional services & care should be accessible and convenient.

We understand that in our time-poor society it can be challenging to attend appointments without the extra burden of travel time.  Our independent specialists provide high quality services and treatment in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

The Home Visit Network is an easy one-stop listing of all mobile in-home specialists who service your local area.

To make an appointment, you can contact the specialist directly by email or phone. They will be able to answer any specific questions you may have about their service.  The specialist will arrive with all the equipment to complete your personalised consultation in the convenience and comfort of your home.

Clayton Byrne
M: 0408833395
W: www.homevisitnetwork.com.au


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