Sunday, January 13th, 2008

One of the world's leading experts on wellness, Dr James Chestnut, will deliver a once-only lecture: "Genetics, Lifestyle and Health: Why we are sick and how we can get well and stay well", in Adelaide today.
After the season of indulgence, how many of us can say we really look after our own health? This is the traditional time of year to take stock, so if you are ready to hear the truth about staying well in today's stressed out, over-worked, over-fed society, here's your chance.
This important seminar is free to the public, courtesy the SA branch of the Chiropractors Association of Australia (CAA), which is bringing the US-based author and chiropractor to Adelaide to provide professional training to association members.
South Australian CAASA branch president Dr Goran Mladenovic says that Dr Chestnut is an inspiring speaker who won't be pulling any punches.
"This is an amazing opportunity for people in Adelaide to learn from one of the world's foremost wellness experts," Dr Mladenovic says. "Dr Chestnut shoots from the hip. He believes we all need to take responsibility for our own health, including the food we decide to put in our mouths, the way we train our own bodies to move and the way we think about our health.
"This seminar will provide people with a lot of food for thought and a plan for action."
Chiropractors focus on ensuring that the nervous system is functioning at its peak, which allows the body to do what it does best - heal itself.
"Our bodies have an innate capacity to heal, we just have to set ourselves up for success," Dr Mladenovic says.
To book:
This is a once-only chance to learn more about your body from a leading health practitioner. To book, phone Anna on 1800 018 238.
What: "Genetics, Lifestyle and Health: Why we are sick and how we can get well and stay well"
Who: Presented by Dr James Chestnut
Where: Star Theatre, 145 Donald Bradman Drive, Hilton
When: 7-9 pm, January 14, 2008.
Dr. James Chestnut's revolutionary wellness protocols for the expression of health and the prevention of illness are based on over 20 years of scientific research regarding the human genetic requirements for nutrition, exercise, and thought patterns. Dr. Chestnut's concept of Eat Well - Move Well - Think Well(TM) as the lifestyle foundations of health and wellness have defined and simplified the idea of "wellness" for both patients and their health care providers.
His books include The Innate Diet(TM), Innate Physical Fitness(TM), and The Innate State of Mind(TM).

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Adelaide seminar reveals how to stay well in today's stressed out society


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