Thursday, November 5th, 2015

The perils and pitfalls of staff Christmas parties can be avoided to ensure the Festive Season doesn’t turn into the “Silly Season” this year, according to advice from a leading employment and resume expert. Staff Christmas parties play an important role in workplaces by allowing management to thank their staff, as well as provide an opportunity for colleagues to mix socially and celebrate the hard work they did together during the year.

But Resumes To You founder Matt Tutty has warned that companies must formulate responsible strategies to avoid staff misdemeanours and ensure incidents don’t turn into a long-lasting headache.

“It is important for employers to remind employees about acceptable standards of behaviour at work Christmas parties,” Mr Tutty said. “Staff should also be reminded that work Christmas parties remain work-related activities and employers have a legal responsibility to protect employees from sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination.

“With access to alcohol, inhibitions and standards of conduct may decrease and employers may find themselves liable for the actions of their employees.”

To avoid potential trouble, Mr Tutty said employers must have a clear plan in place to “minimise the risks of potential claims and to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable but safe Christmas party”.

Mr Tutty said this management plan can be communicated via newsletters, staff meetings, email or intranet, including reminders about responsible consumption of alcohol and safe ways for staff to get home such as taxi vouchers, shuttle bus or public transport. Other tactics that employers can use to ensure a safe time for employees is to schedule the staff Christmas party as a lunch, or transforming it into a family-friendly event by allowing partners and children to attend.

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