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Following the success of the National Blockchain Roadmap event in Canberra two weeks ago, Blockchain Australia Solutions have continued to be recognised as leaders in blockchain development as event partners at the Blockchain 2020 conference on the 31st of October 2019.

Held at the Investment Centre Victoria, this event was held to discuss blockchain solutions within the ecosystem and build foundations for the technology and regulatory framework. With much-generated interest from blockchain leaders and industry leaders, it is hoped that this conference is one of the first steps to developing a systematic blockchain future in Australia, alongside industries such as education, finance and government.

This was an exciting opportunity for Blockchain Australia Solutions, as it was one of the first events in Victoria that we attended being recognised as an official advisory firm.  

Ralph Kalsi, CEO of Blockchain Australia Solutions, and Nathan Massie, Head of Growth along with Nadeem Shaikh, who is a big part of Blockchain Australia, attended the conference for the team and found the event to be highly successful. This conference was an amazing opportunity to have an open discussion with industry leaders about the future of blockchain in Australia and how it can compete with global development.

“(It was) great to see the steps being taken for continued collaboration in evolving ecosystems beyond individual silos,” Massie recalls.

A blockchain ecosystem is strategic partnerships between investors, government departments, developers and blockchain companies to decide and agree on standardizations, advancements and regulations of blockchain technology. Our discussions for this conference were on how we can advance and regulate blockchain solutions to be able to compete with global development such as the United States. Additionally, many of our discussions also focused on how we can implement more blockchains into industries within Victoria.

While this conference mainly focused on ecosystem development, there were also sessions to discuss education and enterprise in which delegates from RMIT and many high-profile companies attended. These sessions were a fantastic opportunity for Blockchain Australia Solutions to educate and discuss concerns with corporations and institutions and promote the use of blockchain technology within their framework.

The outcome of this conference was that we are now a more highly organised collective of blockchain companies and start-ups and that we have a roadmap for future advancements and regulatory framework. In addition, this conference also allowed corporations and institutions to be provided with necessary insight into the effectiveness of blockchain technology and thus we have gained corporate investment into the development of blockchains in Victoria.

This event follows Minister Andrews’ and Minister Birmingham’s announcement in March 2019 to commit to a National Blockchain Roadmap, where Blockchain Australia Solutions was named a national advisory firm. The Roadmap is the governments' commitment to improve the use of blockchain systems and provide greater opportunity for blockchain to develop in Australia.

For more information about blockchain technology, please reach out to Blockchain Australia Solutions by visiting their website or call us on 1300 462 562.

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Blockchain Australia Solutions continue to advocate their success in blockchain solutions at Blockchain 2020 in Melbourne, Victoria.



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