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Hickory is delighted to announce that we will be partnering with Elenberg Fraser to build Market Lane set to open March 2020 in South Melbourne.

Market Lane will be on 68 Clarke St, South Melbourne and has proudly been dubbed the “non-office office” building for its intelligent design. This space will be the office for the future using innovative design to hone a more people-centred approach and reinvent the way we work. The site is based in the heart of South Melbourne and is surrounded by some of Melbourne’s great cafes and markets.

Market Lane has already gained the attention of independent travel agency Luxury Escapes who have signed a five-year lease on some of the office space available. Elenberg Fraser and Hickory have designed this building to be one of the greenest buildings in Melbourne, with adaptable landscaping, sustainable technology and automated temperatures for every worker's comfort.

The idea and design for this space were created after some critical market research revealed that more than 50% of our workforce will be millennials in 2020. Additionally, this research raised a new direction by suggesting that work-life balance is insufficient and that younger employees look for work-life integration. Finally, it was revealed that employees work best in an environment that has access to the natural environment, integrated technology and provides options for healthy lifestyle choices.

Thus, we have designed a polycentric model building including a central atrium to create a better work environment. The polycentric model is designed to keep employees engaged and ignite new and fresh ideas. This will create a work-life integration with spaces being able to adapt to the needed situations, including informal hangouts, workspaces, and formal meetings.  To connect the five levels, we have designed a stair system that is adjustable and can help change spaces when needed. Finally, our active laneway has been modelled on some of Melbourne’s iconic laneways. 

Michael Argyrou, Group Director of Hickory, believes that this will be the “highest quality office space to be delivered to the city fringe in the next six months.”

Hickory is an integrated construction company that prides themselves in innovative, effective and efficient. We employ over 550 employees and provide our clients with outside-the-box solutions for the building needs. To find out more about this partnership please click here. To find out more about us visit our website:

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The Hickory group continues to construct safer buildings after the flammable cladding issue. George Abraham and other Hickory group directors are solidly working as a team to ensure that they are working closely with the government to ensure all National Construction code and standards are regularly updated to ensure safer building and construction. So, no flammable cladding issues occur in the future. All the latest hickory group news and response to the Flammable cladding at Hickory is regularly updated and the team of Hickory group directors are taking all the necessary measures to ensure every builder is constructing using safe equipment, approved by regulators.  Hickory group managing director, George Abraham have been acting alongside their team, as the main Hickory group directors for 28 years. They are continually growing and regularly working on many featured projects that are available to view on Hickory group news pages and Hickory group featured projects page. The Hickory group are now working on better construction safety in response to Hickory group cladding, by working closely with Hickory group administration to construct with regulator-approved equipment and products.




Hickory Group and Elenberg Fraser are set to transform the work life of Melbourne with their new non-office office building.



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