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When Melbourne entrepreneur, Hargurpreet Sohal, was fed up with buying cologne that just ended up sitting on his shelf, he wondered how he could own a variety of scents based on his preferences – without the hefty price tag. That is the thought process which led to his new venture, ScentGod.


Based in Melbourne, ScentGod is a monthly subscription-based service that offers its subscribers a new scent every month. With over a hundred designer and niche perfumes and colognes to choose from, a 30-day supply of your chosen perfume is packed in a chic travel-friendly case and delivered straight to your doorstep.


"Ive always been a perfume enthusiast and loved experimenting with different fragrances to keep things fresh,"  said Sohal. "It was quite expensive to buy full bottles of designer perfume every time, so I thought, why not build a platform where people can sample different scents every month?”


ScentGod’s website includes a convenient Scent Finder which helps you find your perfect match. Simply try a different perfume every month or receive multiple perfumes and build your perfume collection without burning a hole in your pocket.


“Our subscribers are enjoying building their perfume collections, having new perfumes delivered straight to their doors every month, and happy because they can sample designer perfumes for a fraction of the retail cost," he said.


Subscriptions start from just $15.95 per month.


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