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When Blockchain Australian Solutions launched two years ago we struggled to gain traction in the public sector. After this forum, we are proud to announce that in 2020 every government department will be involved in using Blockchain Solutions.

On October 14th 2019, the annual Blockchain meetup was held in Canberra for all Blockchain developers, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and politicians involved. The meetup consisted of two events hosted by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science to discuss Blockchain Solutions progression on a national level during 2018-19.  The Blockchain Australia Solutions team was excited to be invited to the National Blockchain Roadmap Industry Consultation as a recognised blockchain developer and the company providing blockchain solutions. It was also such a pleasure to hear from the two senators and co-convenors of this event Senator Susan McDonald and Hon. Ed Husic about Blockchain about policies being discussed in Parliament House.

This forum openly discussed the lack of blockchain solutions being used in Australia and what governments can be doing to automate their systems to be more reliable. In particular, this forum focussed on three major policy areas; regulation, investment and innovation. Our C-Suite team (that consisted of Ralph Kalsi, Nathan Massie and Nadeem Shaikh) were able to contribute ideas and opinions to all of these areas but had a particular focus on promoting blockchains to vertical integrated departments and companies and removing unnecessary intermediaries from this system.

The outcome of the forum’s discussions will be to visually illustrate key initiatives that governments and industries are pursuing that utilise blockchain technology. The Blockchain’s Roadmap outcomes are hoped to be rolled out over the next ten years with the plan to get ahead of this technology and at the forefront of any new developments.  It was exciting to hear from Senator McDonald that in the next budget review the government is considering increasing the technology allowance to increase blockchain activity both within government departments and the corporate environment. Blockchain Australia Solutions is delighted to be considered a government advisory company for the production and roll-out of these blockchain solutions. In particular, in the coming months, Blockchain Australia Solution team will be advising the healthcare sector on blockchain solutions for a more trustworthy and reliable patient-doctor system.

In March 2019, Minister Birmingham (SA) and Minister Daniels (VIC) announced the Blockchain Roadmap. The Roadmap is a commitment from the Australian government to improve blockchain solutions and provide greater opportunities for blockchain to develop in Australia.  In February 2020, the Australian government is planning to roll out a blockchain that will help validate bankers and make it easier for Australians to switch banks and apply for home loans. Finally, we would like to congratulate previous senators, Senator Jane Hume and Hon. Matt Keogh to being promoted and keeping Blockchain a priority while in office.

The original press release is published here.

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Blockchain Australia Solutions attends annual Canberra meet with politicians



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