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Ethos orthodontics began with one goal in mind – to offer patients the best orthodontic treatment and care they’ll find anywhere. We genuinely have your best interests at heart. It’s this goal that guides us to this day.


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Ethos dental treatments include:


Teeth Whitening

We are mostly judged on the condition of our natural smiles. Yellow and dull teeth are viewed unfavourably and can even affect your business and social life. Get your beautiful smile sparking at Ethos.


Ethos Lite

A confident and natural smile should be a treasured possession in life. If you are tired of allowing crooked teeth lower your self-conscious, then ethos lite is the treatment for you.



If you prefer a less noticeable way to straighten teeth, then incognito is the best choice for you. This treatment gives one the confidence to continue with life as usual as the appliance cannot be seen.



The Invisalign aligner is a clear and lightweight plastic casting made to fit over one’s teeth. The aligner brings your teeth a bit closer to your best smile. You can turn to this orthodontic group, Ethos, with confidence.



Options: Clarity braces are revolutionary – very discrete, comfortable, strong, and small. They are a well-known option amongst Ethos patients. Victory braces are an excellent option for young patients. They can be decorated with each rainbow colour and are stylishly pocket-friendly.


The ethos team brings a fresh, innovative approach to orthodontics. Advanced treatments, flexible options, comfortable environments and friendly staff are all part of the ethos experience. ##

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Ethos Orthodontics

The ethos experience is all about delivering confidence and comfort from start to finish. We know how much it means to our patients to have a supportive environment, helpful advice, specialised staff and a tailored treatment plan.

While it may be easy to find a registered, specialist orthodontist, it’s the attention to the whole experience that sets ethos apart. 

M: 61 7 3349 5266


Ethos orthodontics are experts in orthodontic treatments for adults, teens & children. Book a consultation today & experience the innovative approach of Ethos Orthodontics!



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