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The Impact Awards finalists have been judged by international business leaders to represent South Australia’s future for globalisation. They are recognised as having the capability to have a significant impact on global markets and generate high value opportunities for South Australia’s economy.

Winners, to be announced on November 10, 2015 at the Adelaide Convention Centre, will receive ‘money can’t buy’ access to Impact Ambassadors' global networks, commercial opportunities and mentoring.

Contact details for the finalists are available from the media contact, Kimon Lycos: 0400 263 740 or [email protected]

Impact Awards Finalists


This finalist created MIYA, a Realtime Intelligent Decision Support system for clinicians, to prevent death and harm in hospitals. Generating new levels of efficiency and productivity enables clinicians and hospitals to meet the increasing demands on health services world-wide. With systems being installed nationally and internationally, Alcidion is directly impacting on how health care is run and providing new capabilities to help stressed health care services. The global trend is a rising demand, which is also becoming more complex in nature, with an increase of chronic diseases linked to issues such as ageing populations and obesity.

Contact Ray Blight, CEO Website:


What makes this finalist special is their range of building material products which are water based or made from 100% natural ingredients; a good thing for the environment and end-user. Axis products contain no toxins or solvents, but actually perform better than competitors’ solvent based products. Axis products have faster curing times, more strength and are easier to use. For commercial and civil construction projects, this saves a lot of time and resources for waterproofing, pavement protection and the restoration of wooden structures.

Contact Phil Scardigno, CEO Website:

Blue Crystal Solutions

Global companies rely upon the availability and integrity of their data on a 24x7 basis. Blue Crystal’s, BlueDiamond software automates the monitoring of mission critical data systems to proactively detect potential problems and prevent errors, corruption or performance issues from occurring. Being proactive means problems can be detected early and preventative actions can be taken to resolve the underlying cause, often before customers even know that they have an issue. Remote monitoring of customers’ systems provides significant cost savings, negating the need for expensive IT professionals.

Contact Vito Rinaldi, MD Website:

Fluid Management

Regarded as the ‘iPod” of the industry, Fluid Management Technology’s SmartFill GEN2 product has revolutionised the ease of set-up, use and value proposition for companies with large fleets and their own fuel supply/depot. The SmartFill GEN2 provides valuable and easy to use data for seamless financial control of fuel use and account reconciliation, eliminating an error prone and resource hungry process. Using a smart component based system means that any faults to the unit do not require a qualified technician - a common and expensive problem with competitor products. With remote diagnosis, most issues can be resolved without further intervention.

Contact Bob Thomas, CEO Website:


This finalist delivers solutions based on highly advanced robotic systems for manufacturing companies who must compete globally, by significantly reducing labour from their product cost. The technology also recognises that to truly compete against lower cost manufacturers, product quality and production line efficiency must also feature strongly. Their mission is to help manufacturing companies in high cost economies remain competitive and indeed thrive against low cost economies.

Contact Linh Bui, Operations manager Website:

Kelly Engineering

Over 80% of Kelly Engineering’s soil tiling machines are exported to North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Kelly Engineering is providing solutions for broad acre farms, with a unique disc chain technology to prepare seedbeds and control weeds. Typically farmers see large gains in efficiencies, with faster and more precise capability to prepare seedbeds. This finalist also provides value by helping farmers to reduce their reliance on herbicides which improves the yield and value of crops. The company has grown from strength to strength with record international sales by providing a mechanical means to deliver operational improvements and control weeds.

Contact Shane Kelly, CEO Website:


International construction materials companies and construction testing laboratories benefit from implementing SpectraQEST’s platform because it turns data into usable, decision-driving information assets. For the first time in road construction history there is one complete solution that manages quality information for the owner (government), the designer (engineering firm), the construction materials producer and the builder (road builder/head contractor). This solution is becoming the common platform of choice around the world for construction materials handling and testing.

Contact Stephan Mavrakis, Director, resources & markets Website:

Workspace Commercial

With the international market flooded by cheap office furniture, increased competition and global expansion of large international players, Workspace commercial remains competitive and growing. Using a complete end-to-end offer, they ensure value is added to customer needs and demands, from consultation on how to create the perfect fit out, to customised manufacturing on a mass scale. They also ensure that logistics and installation are part of the package, which is a unique and valuable means to fend off both world class and cheap competitors.

Contact Tom Clark, General manager Sales & Marketing  Website:


Our mission is to deliver +$1 Billion of economic value to South Australia, by globalising the economy. The Impact Awards achieve this by focusing on companies with the greatest global potential to increase their impact on world markets. This is where our ambassadors, who are recognised international leaders, step into the frame. They are here to open up new opportunities, provide access to their networks and their years of global expertise to help other local companies become world-beaters. From a pool of nominated companies, the Ambassadors will select a group of winners to actively work with, in order to help accelerate globalisation with connections, knowledge and passion. It’s the ultimate prize for a company with global ambitions. 

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