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In the 2014-15 period, there were more than 22,000 weight loss surgical revisions, removals or secondary procedures. In other words,-  things went wrong. 


According to ABS statistics, more than 12 million Australians are overweight, and surgeons operated on more than 22,000 people to help them lose weight from 2014 to 2015. Bariatric surgery is becoming more popular for people to shed kilos in Australia.  


Julia Lorent, a weight-loss expert and therapist, says people are not getting psychological assistance, and the statistics combined with the growing referral rate is evidence enough- people are in crisis. “We are seeing an increase in Bariatric regain” says Julia. 


Julia is not alone, according to a report from James Cook University psychological support for the mental health needs of obese patients post-surgery requires more attention.  The psychological impact of having bariatric surgery has received less attention. This study investigated whether patients who receive psychological counselling have better physical and mental well-being post-bariatric surgery. Patients who attended between one and four counselling sessions had significantly higher mental well-being. 


"There is nothing worse for a patient than to go through the trauma of a physical surgery on their stomach, lose 60 kilograms and then gain it all again. Why does this happen? Because they put a patch on the hole in the dingy without finding out why the dingy keeps smashing into the rocks. We are the lighthouse. We shine a light on why the mind is triggering behaviours, then we retrain it, reform it and revitalise the patient" says Julia.  


"We are using a multidiscipline approach to therapy. Our new bariatric program helps to scaffold the process and set up patients for success" says the behavioural therapy specialist and hypnotherapy expert. 


"The combination process put simply- analyses the brain's existing thought map- and retrains it for a faster and more successful route. The results are exciting and empowering for patients. Everyone has a unique set of circumstances and mindset, life and perceptions, so it is incredibly crucial to use finite profiling to help obtain a strong mental platform. 


We think in a certain way because of a mix of schemas we develop as we grow. So if you can retrain the mind and provide tools and support- you have a winning combination for the patient. This can all start with a simple conversation. The response from many patients has been one of joy, and shock- they cannot understand why not everyone knows this kind of therapy exists." 


For more information about Bariatric Weight Loss Mindset Therapy CLICK HERE

Julia Lorent can be contacted on 0412 810 078

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