Saturday, September 28th, 2019 - Georgina Tagliaferri

HAMILTON Hill resident and small business owner Georgina Tagliaferri has nominated to run as a candidate in the upcoming City of Cockburn local government elections.

The 28-year-old behind Control Pilates & Fitness has her sights set on becoming a Central Ward councillor for the next four years.

Issues important to her include crime prevention, traffic management, healthy living and its promotion, preserving the environment and being sustainable.

“I am passionate about working with the community and want to have a hands-on role in helping people achieve what they want,” Ms Tagliaferri said.

“I work within the community and interact with them daily and feel I would be a suitable candidate to action their requests.”

Attending St Patrick’s Primary School and Iona Presentation College, Ms Tagliaferri went on to works as an infants, school-aged and special needs swimming teacher, general manager of Manjimup Gateway Hotel and for Fitlife Gym 24/7.

She also holds a diploma of clinical pilates and works with clients on rehabilitation.

Her father, Peter Tagliaferri, was mayor of Fremantle for 8½ years – but Ms Tagliaferri is prepared for any comparisons.

“Dad ran a great council and I can only hope that I can achieve what he has done,” she said.

“It’s great to have him around to ask any questions I need answered and I have his total support in becoming a councillor.

“My aim on council will not be just one thing but for the community to have someone available for them.”

When asked why people should vote for her, Ms Tagliaferri responded: “I’m not afraid of hard work and am ready for action by listening to the community’s needs.

“Councillor Stephen Pratt has done a great job for Central Ward over the past eight years and I wish to continue and build on that.”

The City of Cockburn local government elections are being held via postal vote, culminating on October 19.

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Georgina Tagliaferri

I am standing for Central Ward for many reasons. I am a small business operator and have grown up around local politics. Because of this, I’m aware of the hard work involved in this commitment and want to help my community further. I live and work in Cockburn and have a very active role in the community, as I work with many locals.

Cockburn is an exceptional City to live in and I want to embrace a hands-on role to help enhance and develop the community. I want to connect with people, listen to them and work together to make our City the best it can be.

I am passionate about increasing fitness and healthy living activities for the community, preserving public space, sustainable cities and crime prevention. A role on council is a privileged one and I intend to give it the dedication it deserves whenever and wherever possible.

Georgina Tagliaferri
P: 0432 649 024


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