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The Hickory Group were honoured by the Concrete Institute of Australia (CIA) the national award for Technology & Innovation on the 10th of September 2019. The award was presented at the Gala Dinner in Sydney and celebrates concrete related projects, technologies and innovations across Australia. The Hickory Group were presented the award for their La Trobe St Student Living Project.

The CIA is an independent not-for-profit organisation that is committed to concrete technology, design and construction in Australia. Their mission is to continue to develop and espouse concrete research, technology, application and design. They provide a valuable forum to share knowledge and experience to further develop the concrete and construction industries.

The annual ‘Awards For Excellence In Concrete’ program recognises projects from around Australia that embody CIA’s values and mission of innovative concrete development and application.

The La Trobe St Student Accommodation Project was completed in November 2018 and is one of the world’s tallest prefabricated student accommodation buildings. The project is one that signifies the future of student living with a particular emphasis on fostering a sense of community. The living hub helps to encourage social interaction and assimilation into the Melbourne community.     

Hickory worked alongside the Melbourne City Council and associated Heritage Groups to preserve the original façade of the building. The design is one that respects and honours Melbourne’s city centre.

The building is home to 783 beds and includes a 43 level tower. By using the Hickory Building System, the project had a reduced construction timeline and minimised neighbour and community disruption. Prefabricated floor slabs, facades and over 600 Sync bathroom pods were transported from Hickory’s Laverton North factory to the construction site. Removing key activities offsite is an innovative construction method that makes high-rise projects more appealing to the community.

The Hickory Group is proud to continue their rich history of urban development and constructional innovation. Hickory remains committed to researching and developing systems, people and products that transform the construction industry.

A passion for technology has propelled Hickory into a nationwide group of construction, structures, facades, manufacturing, fit-out, logistics and technology industry leaders. The CIA award is evidence of the transferable construction qualities present in the La Trobe St Student Living Project.

The Hickory Group is grateful for the opportunity to influence construction practices and continue to contribute to the future of high-rise buildings in Australia.  

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The Hickory group continues to construct safer buildings after the flammable cladding issue. George Abraham and other Hickory group directors are solidly working as a team to ensure that they are working closely with the government to ensure all National Construction code and standards are regularly updated to ensure safer building and construction. So, no flammable cladding issues occur in the future. All the latest hickory group news and response to the Flammable cladding at Hickory is regularly updated and the team of Hickory group directors are taking all the necessary measures to ensure every builder is constructing using safe equipment, approved by regulators.  Hickory group managing director, George Abraham have been acting alongside their team, as the main Hickory group directors for 28 years. They are continually growing and regularly working on many featured projects that are available to view on Hickory group news pages and Hickory group featured projects page. The Hickory group are now working on better construction safety in response to Hickory group cladding, by working closely with Hickory group administration to construct with regulator-approved equipment and products.




The Hickory Group Is Honoured With The CIA National Award For Technology & Innovation




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