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Writing is something that happens in every business every single day, but have you stopped to think about how effective that writing is and whether it could be better?

Editorial services provider Typeset has commissioned global research from US-based Mantis Research to find out exactly that. 

Co-founder Sarah Mitchell said the study will uncover how organisations tackle all of the writing they need for their marketing activity, in a bid to help improve writing skills across the business.

“The ultimate goal is to provide businesses with insights to help them achieve even more success with future writing and marketing projects,” Mitchell said. 

“We understand the difference good writing can make to a business; we see it every day. So everyone who takes part in the study will receive a free copy of our findings.

“We want to understand how companies are using writing, what works for them, and what doesn’t,” she said. “We want to uncover where businesses are winning, where they’re falling down, and where they can improve, when it comes to writing.”

Co-founder Dan Hatch said while many organisations have a corporate style guide, and even rules around tone of voice, Typeset’s State of Writing Survey will dig deeper.

“We’re interested in the quality control measures companies take, what systems they have in place, and how they actually evaluate whether a piece of written content has worked for them,” he said.

“We’re committed to helping businesses improve their writing skills for internal and external communications. Our intention is to do the research annually, so we can see how businesses are improving their writing effectiveness over time.”

You can take part in the State of Writing Survey here. All answers are anonymous.

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