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Gone are the days where traditional drink vending machines were the only options in the workplace.

2019 has seen a dramatic rise in healthy vending machines! 

With workplaces trying to increase productivity and the current generation more conscious about health, beauty and fitness, this has brought up about the era of healthy vending.

This somewhat disrupter of traditional vending has started to take over the corporate world.

With options such as kombucha, Youfoodz,  natural juices, muscle bars, protein shakes & gluten free options, workplaces are choosing to promote healthy living and sustainable lifestyles.

Comapnies such as Loreal is only one of many corporate giants who has shown interest in healthy vending.

Complementary, the market has also shifted to environmentally friendly packaging and energy efficient vending machines.

One of the leaders and suppliers of healthy energy efficient vending machines are Royal Vending. Servicing amost all the states in Australia this company has been pioneering the way. 

A remark by one of the directors reveals some insight into the emerging market.  "Healthy vending machines is now being requested in workplaces more then ever. Providing a variety of healthy options not only promotes and optimizes personal health and energy levels to staff but has also proven to increase productivity and consistency in the workplace". 

I think its hard to argue that these healthy alternatives are not only for the betterment of company productivity but also personal health which in turn affects quality of life. 

It is clear that healthy vending has more health benefits than traditional vending but can tradional snack and junk food be phased out?

Time will tell, but personally I think it is still a long time away.

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