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Adelaide, September 3rd 2019: Australian software company Ailytic has opened its first international office in Changzhou, China. 

Ailytic’s expansion into China’s manufacturing sector has been successfully implemented through the Landing Pad in Shanghai, one of five global hubs established by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade).

China is a focus for Ailytic’s international expansion as our strategic vision aligns with the Made in China 2025 innovation-driven development plan. This national initiative is a roadmap for the future of the country’s manufacturing sector.  The pursuit of advances in intelligent manufacturing is seen as vital to ensure future competitiveness against the backdrop of a new industrial revolution.  One of the major development objectives is to propel industry to move towards medium and high-end manufacturing.  This includes developing advanced manufacturing capability in new and traditional companies.

The Ailytic Software systems, linking to light weight Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors are targeted towards the beverage production, filling, packaging, injection moulding, steel, textile, printing and dyeing industries which are spread broadly over the region.

“Over 95% of Chinese manufacturers can be classified as small to medium with less than 500 employees and the vast majority of these manufacturers utilise low levels of Industry 4.0 capability having traditionally relied on the competitiveness of their workforce” said James Balzary, Founder and CEO of Ailytic.

“Costs have rapidly increased for these manufacturers. The speed at which AI innovation is occurring in China combined with the sheer size of the untapped market means it is imperative we are there if we want to stay at the forefront of this change.  Chinese manufacturers are now very hungry for innovative technology to assist them and they are fast-moving, reducing a typical sales cycle from months in traditional markets to just days for us in China,” James said. 

Dane Richmond, Austrade’s Trade Commissioner (Services and Technology) based in Shanghai said, “If any technology business wants to innovate quickly, they need a combination of technical talent, strategy, ability to execute and a market that is ready to move. Ailytic has all of these available in the heartland of Chinese manufacturing where they have chosen to establish themselves”. 

Qing Huang, Director and Business Development and Strategy for China at Ailytic also cites the key support Ailytic received from the Changzhou Government in Jiangsu Province. “The Changzhou government and specifically the Tianning Economic Development Authority have been invaluable in assisting us,” said Qing.

“We had a choice of several regions to set up the first office, and Changzhou offered the right balance of administrative assistance and broad market access”. Even before the office doors opened, we had our first customer and the team is quickly growing with a sales, marketing and R&D team totalling 10 or more in the coming weeks and a target of 20 or more by the middle of next year.”

Zhiwei Cao, Secretary of the Committee of the Tianning Economic Development Zone stated “Changzhou, with Tianning at its centre, is the birthplace of modern national industrial and commercial enterprises. We are making efforts to create high-quality industrial star cities and we regard the development of the industrial Internet as key to advancing our industries to be world leaders and globally competitive. We look forward to Ailytic leading this innovation, building a team strong in research and development to apply advanced artificial intelligence technology to manufacturing production scenarios”.

“The technology we develop is very scalable and applicable to any manufacturing market. Our cloud hosted Software as a Service developed in Australia can be immediately localised for any new market and we proved that with the rapid entry to China. We look forward to increasing the velocity of our innovation in partnership with Chinese manufacturers and we are confident this will benefit existing and new customers in other parts of the world,” James said. 


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Ailytic is a company delivering decision analytics software to manufacturing industries. Our AI-enabled platform provides insight into real time production processes and generates optimised production plans and schedules. Lightweight and easily deployed, we increase efficiency and reduce costs for manufacturers in complex operational environments. Ailytic is headquartered in Adelaide, Australia with offices in Changzhou, China and globally recognised clients including Treasury Wine Estates, Schneider Electric, Fletcher Building, Glencore, Liberty Onesteel, Yalumba and San Miguel Yamimura.

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