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Living in rural Australia can be idyllic, instead of traffic jams and honking horns, there is the sight of kangaroos and the sound of birds, instead of polluted air and another train delay, there is fresh bushland air and a walk through the forest, however there is one big risk that city dwellers don’t have to deal with and they’re getting worse - Bushfires.

When Bridie McLennan moved to a rural, Bushfire Prone Area (BPA) several years ago, she began researching Bushfire Ready Kits for her household’s emergency preparedness, following a similar process to that of the other 1.1 million Australians, living in BPA’s.

First discovery was a positive, there was great information and advice available from State and Territory, Rural Fire Services (CFA, RFS etc.) on what to include in your Bushfire Kit. 

Unfortunately, it was downhill from there, she would need to go to more than half a dozen different stores (local and online) to create a basic kit -  timely, costly and frustrating. Then she thought ‘surely there are ready made kits available, reducing the hassle and cost of building my own’. She found 3 Bushfire Ready Kits on the market, none of them had even half the contents advised by fire services, none had a range of options (just one kit available) and they were all prohibitively expensive, with having to buy ½ dozen more products on top to complete the kit.

Human nature then took over, when; it’s all too hard, time consuming, what’s available is not suited to your needs and on top of that too expensive, even the most well intentioned will put this task off, dangerously delaying this key step in planning for a bushfire. This may leave people ill prepared, without basic safety/survival equipment in a times of emergency and a bushfire event.

Bride decided to do something about it and after years of further research and planning, Bushfire Readiness Kits (BRK) was born.  BRK addresses all the issues previously identified, closing the gap between the great information provided on what to put in your Bushfire Ready Kit and the commercial availability of a range of; comprehensive, affordable, quality kits, tosuit all budgets and household sizes.

Bushfire Readiness Kits ( have a range of; quality and value-add products in their kits, their contents align with advice from State and Territory Rural Fire and Emergency Services, they’re affordably priced, currently offer a range of 10 different Kits, as well as more than a dozen individual products, to further personalise your kit, to your individual needs.

Where an item advised by a Rural Fire Service isn’t included in their Kits, this is covered by Bushfire Readiness Kits too, as all Kits contain a laminated BRK Checklist clipboard and marker.  These tools assist Kit owners in an emergency, by providing a list of all the additional items

they need to grab from around their home, during relocation/evacuation (i.e. phone chargers, medication etc.). On the flip side of the laminated BRK Checklist, is an area that guides Kit owners to draw their house/property evacuation plan, further personalising your kit and fire ready plans to your households needs.

Bushfire Readiness Kits founder and CEO, Bridie McLennan, lives in Western Victoria, Dales Creek, wedged between the Wombat and Lerderderg State Forests. As beautiful as this bushland location is, it is also an Extreme Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) area, which further motivated her to address this void in the market for a range of quality, affordable kits. It also allowed Bridie to apply her 20+ years’ experience working in Emergency Coordination and Management, Safety Management in addition to Project Management for aerial firefighting (helicopters and aeroplanes). When combined with her extensive consultation and liaison with fire industry experts and in depth research, it results in a group of Kits and products you can trust in an emergency. 



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Emergency & Bushfire Kits

Emergency & Bushfire Kits, provides a fantastic range of emergency kits, survival gear & safety/evacuation advice, in an online store, supporting a range of disaster situations, across Australia.

Comprising quality and affordable products, aligned with the rural fire and emergency services guidelines, for storms, bushfires, floods and more. 

Kits & equipment for humans & pets, homes & businesses, camping & vehicles, rural & urban - helping Australians navigate risks, evacuate safely, extend endurance and increase chance of survival in the face of ever increasing natural disasters and emergencies.

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Bridie McLennan
P: 0438613629


New Bushfire Readiness Kits have hit the market, not only the first time a company has provided a range of kits for different household sizes and needs, but they're also at affordable prices for all budgets and contain quality products




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