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AutoRABIT Grows In-Region Sales in the First Half of 2019 with Sales of its Automated Release Management and Vault Product Lines

Melbourne, AUSAutoRABIT, a leading provider of metadata-aware DevOps solutions for Salesforce, today announced a continued expansion in the Asia Pacific region with its Summer 19.2 release.

Summer Release 19.2 – Agile Development & Release Quality for the Enterprise

The Automated Release Management version 19.2 suite gives organizations the tools to successfully implement agile development and DevOps best practices for Salesforce. Designed around the industry’s only metadata CI server for Salesforce, AutoRABIT delivers an integrated suite of tools including version control, deployment automation, sandbox management, data migration and test automation that streamline processes and automate activities at each stage of the DevOps lifecycle, simplifying deployment from development to production.  

“We tried for over a year to implement another DevOps tool before contacting AutoRABIT,” said Efraim Taranto, Salesforce Release Manager, Origin Energy.” AutoRABIT helped Origin Energy implement delta deployments, as well as support for metadata types that were not handled by other release management platforms. In addition, AutoRABIT brought with it the best practices and processes for Salesforce DevOps and release management.”

“The value provided by our latest release – Automated Release Management 19.2 is resonating with enterprises who need to increase their release velocity and maintain compliance,” said Hitesh Madan, General Manager of APAC Business for AutoRABIT. “It is our mission to help all companies developing on the Salesforce platform to release faster, reduce errors and maintain regulatory compliance.”

New Features for AutoRABIT Vault

In addition to Automated Release Management, the Summer 19.2 Release includes feature updates to AutoRABIT Vault focused on security and optimization of metadata and data transfer. AutoRABIT Vault is a flexible backup and restore solution designed specifically for Salesforce data and metadata dependencies. AutoRABIT Vault provides rapid recovery for business continuity allowing enterprises to meet mandatory compliance obligations for a range of government and industry data protection regulations. AutoRABIT Vault, through secure management of backup data, is also being leveraged by customers to provide authentic data in test environments while meeting mandatory privacy standards through the use of data-masking technology.

About AutoRABIT

AutoRABIT offers a suite of products used by DevOps organizations to automate their CI/CD process for cloud-based development platforms. The Automated Release Management (ARM) Suite for Salesforce integrates a variety of tools and processes used by DevOps teams to configure, build, test and manage development, environments and deployments on their Salesforce instance. AutoRABIT's Metadata Mastery™ is a proprietary technology developed to manage the dependencies, profiles and relationships associated with Salesforce metadata.


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AutoRABIT Grows In-Region Sales in the First Half of 2019 with Sales of its Automated Release Management and Vault Product Lines




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