Friday, October 30th, 2015

Toowoomba: ANGELIC - Rise of a Backstreet Girl

A new musical/drama aims to make a difference to many lives. "It's entertainment with a cause," collaborating writers, Terry Anthony Smith and Nicola Hayden, said. 

A crowdfunding campaign is currently running to raise money to enable the recording process and multimedia distribution. The crowd funding campaign is scheduled to finish on 5th December.

First release will be an album of songs and music from the musical/drama. Planned for launching early 2016 on CD and digital MP3. 

Other media Audio book: narrated version of the musical/drama, and a Producer's Pack, for live performances in theatres, and high school musicals. will follow the release of the music album. 

ANGELIC - Rise of a Backstreet Girl aims to entertain as well as inform parents and grandparents about the alarming increase in the number of homeless, and disadvantaged, the current flood of cheap drugs such as crack, and ice, and highlight the dedication of those confronting the problems on the front line, the streets of our cities, and towns.  

The writers' Three-point Mission for ANGELIC

1. To raise awareness of the tireless dedication of volunteers, and staff, of charities such as, Teen Challenge, Queensland, and Base Services Toowoomba. (Teen Challenge run a complete rehab facility in Toowoomba. Their level of successful outcomes is inspiring. Base Services provides meals to homeless, and disadvantaged people).

2.  To give parents and grand parents insight for protecting children from the flood of insidious drugs now threatening, even destroying, Australian families.

3.  Through multimedia sales, provide on-going funding to partner charities, like Teen Challenge, and Base Services (neither charity receives government funding) for empowering their front-line support to homeless, disadvantaged, and addicted people, some as young as 12 years of age.

"The story's written; the songs and music's ready to record. Sales will provide an on-going income stream, a good source of supply for a great cause." Terry said.

If you would like more information, or wish to add your backing to this project, CLICK::  

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