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Mayfair Building Group has increased the range of solar services and products if offers to its customers and clients, after market research confirmed the demand for solar services such as solar hot water installations, solar panels for electricity, and battery storage units will continue to be strong in South Australia for at least the next 5 years.

Mayfair Building Group owner and founder, Aaron Stewart commented,

we’re still seeing a growing demand for solar services, particularly for hot water. With increasing utility bills each quarter, families are looking to mitigate costs wherever they can. With the improvements in solar hot water technology particularly in the last 2 or 3 years, the installation cost is now affordable for many customers. Typically, within a couple of years, the cost of installation of a solar hot water system can be off set but the reduced electricity cost”.

A Leader In South Australian Building Innovation

A leader in the building, renovation and home maintenance market in South Australia, Mayfair Building Group provides a range of services at affordable prices for both families and businesses. Services provided include electrical, plumbing, maintenance, building, renovations, fire maintenance services and project management.

The family owned business has worked on both small and large projects throughout South Australia, including:

  • St Peters unit block upgrades to infrastructure and individual units
  • 2 Storey Bungalow Renovation in Westbourne Park with solar panels and hot water upgrades
  • Rewire and Solar installations in Burnside, both electrical and water

Mr Stewart commented further.

we are also seeing many families and businesses opt for solar installations with the moral objective of helping the environment. With a tidal wave of evidence now suggesting that global warming is happening, and humans are causing at least part of it, many families and businesses are willing to wear some of the extra cost to do their part in helping the environment, while reducing their own long term costs.”

Australia's Solar Energy Uptake

A recent study from HP Australia and Planet Ark, found that 9 in 10 Australians are concerned about sustainability of the environment and the impact on living conditions, living cost and the long term future of the planet. It also found that 70% of Australians in the workforce aged between 22 and 30 show a strong preference to work for a business that promotes environmentally sustainable practices.

A further study in late 2018 by Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator showed that now over 2 million homes in Australia have roof top solar. Driven strongly by state based schemes, with Queensland leading the way with around 600,000 rooftops adding solar. South Australia is the next strongest state, with a third of household roof tops installing solar.

Solar hot water brands that Mayfair Building Group installs and services include Thermann, Zip, Quantum, Rinnai, Rheem, and a number of other well know Australian and international brands. Predicting further demand for solar services, the range has now expanded to include Aquamax, Bosch and Dux hot water brands.

For further comment or to arrange an interview with Aaron Stewart, please call 1800 694 689.


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Mayfair Building Group

Mayfair Building Group is a family owned South Australian building and renovation company offering a range of services for both domestic and commercial customers. With expertise in a range of construction services including plumbing, electrical, solar, hot water, renovations, concreting and project management, the company has growm significantly since it's establishment in 2017.

Aaron Stewart
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