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Animato Strings offers a complete string quartet from an Italian estate, comprising of two violins, a viola and a cello, made between 1974 and 1989 by renowned Italian violin maker Mario Gadda. Mario Gadda, Mantua. Mantua with a current population of less than 50,000, is situated less than 70km east of Cremona, the home of Stradivari's and most of Guarneri's family of violin makers. One of the Guarneris, Peter Guarneri, left Cremona in 1680 and settled in Mantua. The 'Mantuan school of violin making' was born. Since then, a number of superb violin makers emerged from Mantua, including Stefano Scarampella, succeeded by Gaetano Gadda and his son Mario Gadda. Mario passed away in 2008.

Each instrument of the Mario Gadda string quartet from Animato Strings comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, issued by Mario Gadda himself. 

Dietrich Lasa, the owner of Animato Strings, said: "The instruments are beautifully made, sound wonderful and would be of interest to anyone interested in music and in a very attractive investment opportunity at the same time. The value of each violin is $30,000, the viola is $40,000 and the cello is $60,000, totalling $160,000 for the whole string quartet. Offers over $132,000 would be considered."




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Animato Strings

Dietrich Lasa, the founder of Animato Strings, immigrated to Australia in 1985 as a professional string player and joined the Queensland Symphony Orchestra before starting his String Instrument business 8 years later.

Animato has been in the business of providing String Instruments for over 25 years. Animato Strings is located at 5 / 789 Kingsford Smith Drive, Eagle Farm QLD 4009.

Animato Strings has been serving private musicians and educational institutions since its beginnings in 1993 when Dietrich started the business from his garage. It quickly emerged from there and soon became Australia's favourite String Instrument supplier.

Dietrich Lasa
P: 07 3876 3877
M: 0449 727 570


A complete string quartet - two violins, one viola and one cello - made by the Italian violin maker Mario Gadda (1931-2008) is for sale at Animato Strings, Brisbane




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