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DeFacto's Happy Women's Movement and Dreams of Fabric projects were shared in 5 different sessions at the recent World Women's Economic Forum (WEF) in Perth, Australia.

Önder Senol, CFO of DeFacto, shared the company's policy on women employees and the Happy Women's Movement at the World Women Economic Forum (WEF) with panelists and participants from different countries around the world. Senol also described the Dreams of Fabric project as an example of good practice, which is reinforced by the company's social responsibility attitude.

Mr. Senol, took part in 5 different sessions as a keynote speaker and panelist in the 3-day event, which was attended by successful entrepreneurs, MPs, authors, academics, opinion leaders, and company executives from many countries throughout the world. Mr. Senol was awarded for the company's approach towards empowering women in the UN - HeForShe - Male Champions of Change panel.

In his speeches during different sessions, he underlined that along with showing efforts for gender equality in business life, the social responsibility projects that contribute to the society reflect the culture of the institutions and the way the company communicates with the business partners being interacted.

Senol said, "We believe women's empowerment is based on supporting, promoting and leading this transformation for women's economic and social development, and we support the positive changing corporate culture in Turkey.”

Directorate of Happiness

Mr. Senol said, “We are care takers for the happiness of all our employees. In particular, we realize  that when women's social and business status becomes elevated they become more joyful in their careers, and we launched the Happy Movement Department in 2011.

Senol said, "In 2015, we then launched the Happy Women's Movement, which provides our employees with practices above positive discrimination and provides extra opportunities with an aim to fulfill our part. In the same year, we signed the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) in order to commit that we would continue our support for women in business life.

Dreams of Fabric Project

Mr. Senol said, “As part of the scope of the Dreams of Fabric project, we send surplus fabric and accessories obtained from DeFacto factories to the vocational high schools through provincial and district National Education Directorates,”

“So far we have signed protocols with 21 high schools in Istanbul, Kocaeli, Balikesir, Kirklareli, Tekirdag and Van. The design and production of the products are carried out by female students studying in these schools the income generated by sales in the DeFacto stores is used to support Hope for Children with the Cancer Foundation. (KAÇUV),”

“Thus, while creating awareness for children receiving cancer treatment, we also contribute to the professional development of our girls. We also protect the environment by recycling the unused or surplus fabric and accessories. Our aim is to reach Turkey’s geography by Fabric of Dreams project to reach children who have cancer with support and more hope." he said.

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About DeFacto:

DeFacto is one of the leading brands of apparel and fashion industry in Turkey. Dreams of Fabric was set up to support Hope for Children with Cancer Foundation and was shared in the 63th Session of the 'Women's Status Commission' held in United Nations in March. DeFacto also presented and attended the Women Economic Forum (WEF) held between July 5-7, in Perth, Australia at Curtin University, one of the largest universities in the region.

DeFacto has more than 500 stores in 30 countries. They employ 14 thousand people within their global operations. 53 percent of employees are women, and the organisation has implemented many positive initiatives and is considered a leader in business in Turkey. For example, the business provides flexibility for working mothers and new mothers.

About Women Economic Forum (WEF):

WEF is an international conference platform enabling women and leaders from all walks of life worldwide to expand business opportunities and enhance personal influence through networking across borders while being inspired by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, authors, thought leaders and celebrities.

WEF Perth was recently held between July 5-7, and delegates and speakers travelled as far away as Turkey, USA, Uganda, Portugal, India, Ghana, Cambodia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Singapore, Mozambique, across Australia and many more online from Tanzania, UK, Iran and Kenya.

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