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Hänel, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and providers of innovative automated vertical storage and retrieval systems, features HänelSoft - a vertical racking system controller and software. The advanced software can now be accessed across the globe in over 60 countries - this is to primarily maintain high-performance inventory through management software for vertical racking systems.


This is a huge step for companies and warehouses to improve their storage and retrieval efficiency using automated storage systems integrated with advanced controllers. 

Companies within logistics and distribution, global brands in automotive, manufacturing sectors, transportation, oil and gas industries, aerospace and defence industries, big and small scale offices in services and finance, healthcare, and even food and beverage sectors have gained tremendous benefit from vertical storage solutions with their integrated software controllers in terms of storage management, ease of retrieval, efficient inventory, and ultimately the protection of their stocks. 

HänelSoft has redefined warehouse management with its sleek design and the easy to navigate software architecture. HänelSoft expert developers have focused on three major factors when creating such advanced vertical racking system controller

  • Functionality
  • Intuitive User Guidance
  • Outstanding Price Performance Ratio

The software allows the users to clearly and concisely visualize the complex procedures and processes through its optimised user interface - the tab structure gives a convenient and complete view. Also, the user defined menus option allows the interface to be customised. 

Furthermore, the system is designed for seamless operation due to its comprehensive icons, templates, and other convenient functionalities such dragging and dropping of files which speeds up data entry. 

Moreover, the shelf editor function provides easy implementation of complex warehouse strategies - this function shows detailed 3 dimensional representation of storage containers current status. All right in front of the computer screen. 

HänelSoft, as a new and advanced system software controller, is designed as a web application which means that it is totally platform independent - it can be used on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and various mobile phones. This optimisation delivers the promise of maximum ease of use. 

There is also a central server that ensures storage data access anywhere and anytime. In addition, because of its integrated web browser, HänelSoft is also available right on the control terminal - it offers both touchscreen and keypad functionalities for intuitive access to all storage functions and data. 

Hänel Automated Vertical Carousel Storage Systems also feature measuring tapes at the storage system access points for convenient measurement of new items that need to be stored - once the dimensions of new items are determined, the data can be entered into the software and the system finds the ideal spot to store the new items according to their size. 

HänelSoft also shows the storage position through the graphic shelf overview display on the controller. Afterwards, the new storage status or data is instantly communicated to the central database of the software - the update is also automatic to the integrated handheld controller devices, mobile phones, and tablets. 

Now, when it comes to order picking, the software makes it more reliable and faster through the smooth and easy connectivity of barcode scanners to bluetooth. Moreover, the graphic display indicators help in locating specific items for fast and easy retrieval and storage. 

Since Hänel Storage Systems can be operated remotely and for security purposes, the control terminal is deactivated when the system is in remote mode. HänelSoft indeed features convenient and innovative warehouse operations through its maximum functionality and flexibility - setting new standards for efficiency. 

HänelSoft and several Hänel innovative automated vertical storage and retrieval systems are represented by Headland Storage in Australia with full service and support. 

Headland Machinery, is an Australian owned and operated company that has been founded since 1949 - they have supplied and serviced high-quality machinery to a wide range of industries in New Zealand and Australia. This is the main reason why they belong to the trusted Hänel network worldwide. 

Now, Headland has several offices across New Zealand and Australia with multiple members of certified technicians proudly supporting and providing quality and reliable automated vertical storage and retrieval systems to clients from different industries. 

Headland has continuously mirrored the high standards of Hänel especially in the areas of quality implementation, comprehensive consultation, and the simple or complicated order processes. They are committed to nurture businesses by improving their way of handling stocks or items and by providing efficiency in their storage and inventory management.



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Headland Storage

Headland invests in Hänel systems, utilising seven large Hänel automated vertical storage systems to manage its national spare parts inventory for field engineers and customers. Combining the latest technologies, the national team of field engineers is comprised of a service support centre based in Melbourne, with an additional regional service team located in Sydney. Being the only supplier in Australia with it’s own established, factory trained team of engineers located across both Australia and New Zealand, customers are assured that Headland Service will provide prompt response, service delivery and support.

P: (03) 9244 3500


Hänel, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and providers of innovative automated vertical storage and retrieval systems, features HänelSoft - a vertical racking system controller and software



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