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A tiny cricket may have just solved the world’s food problem.

Now Hoppa would like to introduce the new superfood taking the health industry by storm!

Our planet is in trouble. With the population set to reach nine billion by 2050, obesity at an all-time high and global warming wreaking havoc, it’s widely recognised that things need to change.

So, the people behind Australian based superfoods start-up Hoppa are leading a food revolution.

Their innovative new range of products are made with a simple, surprisingly tasty ingredient that can help solve the world’s food problem and pave the way for a more sustainable, happier planet.

This magical ingredient: The tiny cricket.

Although many Westerners balk at the idea of eating insects, they’ve been a staple part of diets on the other side of the world for thousands of years; they’re delicious, with a subtle, nutty flavour, and packed with goodness. Naturally low in fat, crickets boast contain around 68% protein and high amounts of vitamin B12, calcium, and all the essential amino acids.

Hoppa’s founder Channy Sandhu came across the idea in 2017 while travelling in Thailand. Keen for an authentic experience of the area, he noticed locals roasting insects on the side of the road and decided to give it a try.

He said he was amazed by how flavoursome they were, and quickly learned about their benefits to both the human body and the environment.

With news stories back at home focusing on the health dangers of heavily processed meats and the environmental impact of the agriculture industry, Channy spotted a gap in the market and he set about creating a new range of products that harnessed the many benefits of eating crickets in a way that would appeal to Westerners.

Within just a few months, Channy was collaborating with local cricket farmers to come up with a range of products including protein powder, baking powder and pasta.

“Our aim is to help change the world by producing sustainable, delicious, healthy superfoods made from insects. Just a couple of tablespoons provide an abundance of nutrition and flavour, and because crickets have a tiny carbon footprint our products are good for the planet,” said Channy.


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