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The first quarter economic measures for the GDP in Australia were lacklustre, causing many individuals including business owners to fear about a possible recession and extended economic downturn. These fears are bolstered by economists reviewing some of the nation's top trading partners, including the United States. Escalating tariffs and trade wars with large economic partners has made the Australian economy jittery. These fears are causing undue stress and anxiety in many Australians.

Key economic measures, such as construction growth, dropped by 1 to 2 percent in the first quarter of 2019. Expectations are that these numbers will continue to drop, setting up the economy for a major slowdown. Decreases in jobs, wages and economic growth are leading many people to be nervous about the short-term future. These worries and fears lead to considerable mental and physical stress. An ideal way to beat that stress is to schedule a one or two-week health retreat. With the plunging economy, people will feel stressed. Spending time away at a retreat provides an opportunity to think about and plan strategies to overcome the obstacle of a faltering economy.

There is no better time to go to a detox retreat than a time of considerable worry and anxiety. Now is the time to spend a week or two focusing on a strategy for the future and developing tactics on how to achieve goals. After a one-week mental health retreat at the Living Valley retreat, participants experience many positive effects. Their overall health is much better. People remark that their minds feel clearer and empowered. Creativity explodes, making it possible to create great action plans. Ideas are engendered, and problems are solved. Participants also improve their relationships and change poor habits into good ones. People also save money and develop a social network for continuing these life improvements

Over the years, many guests at Living Valley have reported a dramatic improvement after a one or two-week mental health or weight loss retreat. People find that their important relationships and marriages improve. They are able to find their life's direction and take advantage of the opportunities that come their way. The ideas that guests come up with during the retreats often deliver prosperity. What was once a crisis becomes a challenge, and those challenges become victories.

Just like cars need maintenance for optimal performance, so do people. A retreat reboots the digestive system, muscles, circulation and mind. It also provides an opportunity to create a new start with the potential for a great finish.

Geoffrey Horne, a business owner who attended a Living Valley retreat explains, "After considerable turmoil in my business, I suffered a severe stroke, which caused paralysis of my right side. It affected my speech, and I lost the use of my leg and arm. I was hospitalised and unable to walk for months. I was dosed up on all sorts of drugs for pain, cholesterol, high blood pressure, reflux, depression and more. Living Valley Health Retreat has taught me how to handle crises without falling apart, and Ifeel better than I have felt for years!"

According to Gary Martin, CEO and Founder of Living Valley, "There is no better time to do a detox and focus on one’s health than now, during an economic decline."

Founded in 1990, Living Valley is a physical and mental health and wellness centre that offers a wide range of classes, spa services, therapy and counselling.


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Living Valley, Australia's premier health retreat, through its bold leadership, innovation and its comprehensive programs will work with you one-on-one to create the best possible environment and conditions for your body, mind and soul to heal just as nature intended. The Living Valley experience is the most comprehensive, yet simple and effective restorative health program in Australia and we can genuinely guarantee that you will leave feeling energised, educated and empowered! The team at Living Valley will help you to ascertain and address the root cause of your issue, creating a positive change that will last.

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