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One in four Australian women are said to suffer from embarrassing leakages that could be avoided with regular pelvic floor exercises, known as Kegels.


National Continence Week (18-24 June 2019) gets Aussie women thinking about this and doing something about it.


Pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the vaginal muscles have been the time honoured method for reducing the embarrassing results that can result from a sneeze, a cough, a hearty laugh or even a light jog. Trouble is that they’re pretty boring and it’s easy to forget to do them regularly.


So what are these mysterious Kegels? Put simply, they’re a muscular contraction. Basically, exercises designed to contract, flex and release the muscles of the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor muscles, which stretch from the anus to the urinary sphincter, hold your internal organs in place. Forget wetting yourself, keeping those muscles strong can prevent some serious health issues.

Enter Mimi De Luxe founder Elle Black, who says there’s an app for that. With the Elvie Trainer you can now have fun doing your kegels in 5 minutes and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, or, as they are sometimes referred to, their ‘love muscle’. 


“Having strong pelvic floor muscles is not only important to your overall health, but to your sexual and sensual health,” says Elle, who owns and operates Mimi De Luxe, which offers its clientele a non-confronting environment to discreetly shop for sex toys. 


“I can’t think of a more enjoyable way to do pelvic floor exercise – improve bladder control and increase pleasure during intercourse using an app controlled game. Much more fun than traditional methods!”


Having strong pelvic floor muscles do not only help incontinence caused by weak muscles, but also give women more powerful orgasms and extra assistance while giving birth. These muscles are located above and around the vaginal opening, and control the contraction and relaxation of muscles around the uterus, bladder and urethra.


“Pelvic floor muscles can become weakened by many things – e.g. after pregnancy, childbirth, surgery and through ageing (i.e. menopause). But you can prevent against this weakening,” Elle says.


“With regular use of the Elvie Trainer, women notice benefits after eight to 12 weeks. If you are being very consistent and working that love muscle every day for just 5 minutes, or a few times a week, that’s a lot of orgasms, ladies! And the benefits are many.”


Elvie provides instant feedback to let you know if you are doing your exercises correctly. It nags you to do your kegels by giving you reminders via the app. Elvie also acts like your personal vagina trainer by showing you workouts. And you can compete against other women in your age group!


The Elvie trainer has just been picked up by the NHS in the UK to be provided free to women who are incontinent and is recommended by more than 1,000 health practitioners.

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