Sunday, January 13th, 2008

While the world's weather, stock exchanges and property markets are unpredictable at best, we do have control over one important item and that's our health.
"If you are suffering from the aftermath of seasonal indulgence, or noticing that you have pins and needles, stiff neck, headaches, fatigue or mood swings, your body may be trying to tell you things need to change," says Dr Goran Mladenovic, President of the South Australian branch of the Chiropractors Association of Australia.
"All of these may be a sign of spinal damage, causing severe or mild subluxation - the chiropractic term for a spinal misalignment. The good news is that the body has an innate ability to heal itself."
To encourage this process towards wellness, South Australia's professional chiropractic association provides some pointers to set you on the road to sustainable good health in 2008.
Feed your brain
- The only way to a successful day is if our brain feels great! Any food satisfies the stomach... fresh food satisfies the brain!
- Plan your meals and snacks so that as much as possible you are eating locally grown, seasonal foods. Fresh food - not processed! Drink plenty of pure, clean water.
- Do you have a food sensitivity you're unaware of? Try a week or so without wheat and/or dairy and notice how you feel.
Stand up for yourself
- Get into the habit of standing and sitting tall to encourage your spine's natural curve. To counter-balance a sedentary lifestyle, take regular breaks to stretch and walk around.
- Make one specific exercise goal that you can realistically achieve, say, "I promise myself that I will exercise for 30 minutes three times a week".
- Try breathing exercises every day - when you increase the oxygen to the brain, you help your body heal from the inside out!
Think yourself well
- When you think positively, you experience more of what life has to offer. Spend more quality time with family. Smile more.
- Allow yourself to make mistakes. Don't practise perfectionism, it will add to your stress and send the wrong messages to your body.
- Choose one goal, starting with the one thing in your life that you need to change most. Write it down and celebrate when you achieve it.
Research shows that 46 percent of New Year's resolutions will be broken - but you are 10 times more likely to reach your goals if you do form a resolution. That means you can be part of the other 54 percent, by making a commitment to making good health a habit.

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SA Chiropractors say: Make 2008 the year of looking after yourself


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