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Hormonal changes, life stresses, sleep problems, worries about body image, infertility, and aging are all factors linked to menopause that can contribute to mood swings, stress and anxiety.  Studies report that 23 percent of women experience symptoms of anxiety during perimenopause and that these symptoms of anxiety are not necessarily linked to depression.

Dr Lilian Gonsalves, MD says “the fluctuation in estrogen and another key hormone, progesterone, can cause anxiety during perimenopause”.

Perimenopause is the phase before the final menstrual period during which the body undergoes many physical changes. These changes in the body lead to the factors mentioned above which in turn can lead to anxiety.

Menopause occurs when periods have ended for 12 months. Symptoms of perimenopause may continue in menopause but usually occur less often. So how can we treat the symptoms on anxiety, which accompany perimenopause, in a natural way?

One of the key vitamins our bodies need to keep us calm is Folate, which we normally get from food, but in today’s world our food just doesn’t contain the levels of vitamins and minerals that are required to meet the stresses of the modern world. In addition to that, up to 40% of the worlds population cannot absorb Folate due to an inherited gene mutation known as MTHFR, which prevents absorption of vitamin B9 (Folate).

Many doctors in today world will try to prescribe SSRI’s for anxiety but these come with intense side effects, as always, and are quite difficult to come down from.

But a modified version of Folate, called Folinic Acid, sidesteps the MTHFR gene mutation and allows uptake into the body and conversion to Folate. This key ingredient, included in supplements such as Menoxcel, leads to a calm, relaxed demeanour. Often called the Happiness vitamin, Vitamin B9 is essential to containing feelings of anxiety and is a key ingredient (or at least it should be) in any Menopause formula. In Menoxcel you get 400 mcg of Folinic Acid in the 2 capsule a day dose, giving you 100% of your daily Vitamin B9 requirements.

“While we may feel sad or troubled during menopause, because of the changes to our body that occur, such as the loss of fertility, we may also feel relieved to no longer fear pregnancy. In addition to this, many of us experience significant life changes during the menopausal years.  Children may leave home, and our parents or partners may become unwell related to aging. These factors can all contribute to heightened feelings of anxiety.”

A supplement fortified with Folinic Acid is an essential tool to maintain moods, and the ups and downs of anxiety, and should be an integral part of everyone’s daily routine (even for men for that matter)

“While at first we might not get the initial relief we expected from supplements, in terms of night sweats and hot flushes, it’s not just about quick fixes. There are other concerns to consider, and a long-term approach to a supplement that contains both Folinic Acid for moods and Iodine for thyroid balance, could not be more essential in the world we live in today”, says Angel Sy, nutritionist for Global Health Direct. “If you fell off the Menoxcel wagon it might be worth considering getting back on for additional health benefits”.


Menoxcel is a registered trademark of Regenex Laboratories, New Zealand. Menoxcel contains Magnesium (3 forms), Vitamins B3, B6 and B9 (as Folinic Acid), Zinc, Iodine, Cramp Bark, L-Lysine, L-Arginine and L-Carnitine.

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