Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 - Women Economic Forum Perth

As part of the 2019 Women Economic Forum Conference taking place for the very first time in Perth between July 5 and July 8 2019, the Welshpool Rotary Club have funded two conference Scholarship Opportunities for women from developing countries.

The two deserving winners of the scholarship were Ms Susana Cravo, Director and Founder of Kutsaca Mozambique and Ms Benedicta N. Nanyonga, Executive Director, Kinawataka Women Initiatives.

Ross Scarfone from Welshpool Rotary club said, “Women wanting to apply for this special opportunity had to outline how they are striving to make a difference to others in their communities via their NFP, NGO or Social Enterprise.”

Carol Hanlon, Convenor of the Women Economic Forum said, “The Women Economic Forum (WEF) is a global conference to foster empowering women and connections among women committed to facilitate constructive change in ALL walks of life.  The theme of Perth WEF will be ‘Empowering Women Making a Difference’, and we are grateful of the support that Welshpool Rotary have offered by way of two scholarships”.

Winner Ms Susana Cravo named her organisation Kutsaca, which means "Being Happy" in Changana, the local dialect in the Gaza Province, Mozambique. She started her first educational project in 2014 to empower the village community of Mahungo. Since then this project has developed into becoming a kindergarten that promotes literacy and basic education for the children of Mahungo.

Ms Cravo said, “In 2017 we also started a feminine empowerment program - Wasate, aimed at the Mothers of the community, who are a central element in the education of the child and the stability of the family. This program provides modules of experiential training in the areas of Personal, Social, Health, Nutrition, Early Childhood Development, Creative Ateliers and Creation of micro-business. Our work has had a significant social impact in our area.”

Ms Cravo said, “I started my project work based on the fact that I believe that each of us can do something to change the world and that a transformation model is only really effective if it actively and consciously promotes collaborative bridges. I’m very excited to win this scholarship and look forward to meeting new connections and friends at WEF Perth 2019”.

Winner Ms Benedicta Nanyonga formed the Kinawataka Women Initiative in 1998 to empower marginalized women in the Kinawataka slum of Kampala through environmentally conscious economic projects. The organization is led by founder and Executive Director Benedicta Nanyonga and has trained over 734 women across Uganda. They recycle used straws into crafts such as bags, mats and jewellery to reduce the amount of discarded plastic waste.

The members of the Kinawataka Women’s Initiative weave recycled plastic straws in their homes to provide an income for their households. Many of the organisation’s registered members live with HIV and many are stigmatized within their communities. The sale of the straw products allows the women to purchase schoolbooks, pay school fees, and cover food and healthcare costs.

Ms Benedicta Nanyonga said, “The unique straw products are made from used plastic straws, which the women collect, wash, sterilize and dry in the sun. The straws are flattened and woven at their homes, which means they can still care for their children or weave while at their market stall. Thankyou Welshpool Rotary for their support of Perth WEF 2019”

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