Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 - Secure Health Chain

Thirty Australian Blockchain companies are currently showcasing their innovative technology at the annual Consensus Blockchain Conference in New York City.  One of the selected companies is Secure Health Chain (SHC), a blockchain based health passport founded by a group of Australian doctors from the regional NSW city of Wollongong. 

SHC is pitching to Wall Street investors with assistance from Austrade, in an attempt to secure their next round of funding that will allow them to transform their MVP to a commercial grade platform.  Secure Health Chain empowers patients to access their health records simply, efficiently and securely and was developed by Perth based startup Blockboxx.

SHC Founder & Executive Director, Dr Robert Laidlaw says: "Although we have seen a steady progression towards digitisation in the medical industry over the past 20 years, there are still a number of large and costly gaps in systems and processes today. Inefficiencies in record-keeping can lead to data security breaches and unnecessary duplication of diagnostic tests that strained healthcare budgets can ill-afford. Additionally, following the furore in Australia where patient records were automatically opted-in to a national health database, data privacy issues have continued to plague the industry."

Secure Health Chain will address these fundamental challenges by providing a single source of truth for medical information allowing users to have all their health data accessible from their smartphones. When patients visit a new medical practice, existing health information will be readily accessible, such as when travelling or visiting a GP in a rural area. It is integrated and interoperable, meaning that it enables health systems to share potentially life-saving information quickly and securely, replacing the siloed approach of the past. Perhaps most importantly, the platform has a granular permission system to allow patients to authorise and de-authorise individual doctors and whole institutions at any time; coupled with the guarantee that the company will never share data without the users' consent.
Another medical startup on the delegation, Image Chain aims to deliver value back to patients that are willing to share their precious medical data.  Presently most medical data sits on servers and isn't put to its potential.  With exponential increases in artificial intelligence and machine learning, medical data is in high demand and Image Chain hopes to include patients in this new era of data hunger.
Consensus runs three annual meetings around the world and this year is the 2nd Austrade Australian delegation.  Delegates this year have been funded for the first time by the Australian Federal Government with assistance announced by Minister Karen Andrews from the Department of Industry, Science and Innovation.  Blockchain is gaining momentum in Australia with the Federal Labor Government recently announcing a series of multi-million dollar blockchain related projects.


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30 Australian Blockchain Company's have been selected to lead a delegation to Consensus 2019 in New York City.




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