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Australian-owned Prolotus Technologies’ Longtail®, the world’s first monolithic long-form digital radiographic detector is now available. With a 108cm x 43cm of active area, the Longtail can take whole small animal x-ray images in a single shot.


Developed for medical applications with benefits for veterinary radiology the technology was prompted by recent studies reporting a two- to four-fold increase in cancer risk resulting from adolescent and paediatric x-ray imaging exposure, Roger Davis, Managing Director of ATX sought new technology that would enable orthopaedic x-ray studies to be acquired with significantly less dose while maintaining the highest image quality and geometric accuracy of the anatomy.


The primary benefit for veterinary practices is saving on real estate as the traditional bulky and heavy x-ray table can be substituted with a compact, mobile table with a large active top that is capable of imaging the entire animal or just the anatomy of interesting.


The Longtail can be employed wirelessly or tethered with a magnetic cable attachment. It is also highly portable, weighing in at only 11kg a fraction of the weight of similar long-format DR solutions.


Applications of the Longtail are numerous, including mobile and fixed imaging of horse spines and limbs, wild life, zoo veterinary care, and small animal practice. The superfast large scale image acquisition reduces sedation time and animal stress.


The Longtail is also not restricted to large field imaging. It can also be used for localised studies by simply collimating to the area of clinical interest. The Longtail app will auto-crop the images to generate images of any part of the body, making it a highly versatile detector for all of imaging needs. It’s a practical solution for smaller practices that want in-house imaging capabilities without committing a dedicated space.



This revolutionary new technology is designed to replace the myriad of legacy systems and equipping new imaging facilities worldwide.


The Longtail is being fulfilled by Perth-based ATX Veterinary Solutions as the key component of a veterinary x-ray.


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