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For over a decade, Brisbane Water Cooler Rentals has been in the business of providing water cooling systems for some clients. The company has served many clients, and they are happy with the services. Brisbane Water Cooler Rentals believes that their products play a significant role in environmental conservation because they reduce the circulation of plastic water bottles. They maintain that their products are affordable and are a better alternative to the expensive and complicated traditional water dispensing system. In fact, many people and companies are getting used to the services and products.

They have an array of clientele ranging from large businesses, middle-level businesses and homes. Many consumers believe in their products, for they provide a healthy and clean alternative. Water cooler Hire products come in various shades with a combination of options ranging from hot, cold, and cool. Clients who want to rent the products would get into an agreement with the company. The agreement would contain details pertaining to servicing, cleaning, filter replacement, and all other activities involved. 

Brisbane Water Cooler Rentals is so confident in the quality of their products that they offer a 14 day free trial to the potential clients that are uncertain about the products. During this period, users would not be expected to make any payment. However, at the expiring of the trial period, satisfied customers would contact the company to rent the equipment at a cost of $ 10 per week. 

Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast Water Cooler Hire

The company provides the best Water Cooler hire service available in the market and has been successfully serving the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions for years. The products are superior in quality. The system is designed to remove odor, sand particles, chlorine and other impurities and at the same time providing high-quality water for consumption. The product of the whole process is cold water that does not require any other additives to make it better. With the technology, continuous flow of clean and safe drinking water is assured. 

All the water systems provided include either cold and cool or hot and cold options for the users. The equipment once purchased comes with a service agreement. Brisbane Water Cooler Rentals will provide the consumers with all the expertise that will be required. Their agreement covers all equipment including those that were not installed by their business. The company seeks to provide superior cooling systems at very competitive prices to the existing market. High-quality standards are maintained during the manufacture of the product. Water cooler hire has products that meet all market needs. 


We all desire to have good health. It can be attained through consumption of clean water. Therefore, it means that it is important to have the right water cooling systems. Water cooler hire has some benefits for customers.

  • It is a cheaper alternative because customers are not expected to buy water bottles, incur costs associated with extraction and purification of the water. 
  • The rental price of the equipment is fixed and does not keep fluctuating. Customers can forecast and plan their expenditure regarding water consumption. 
  • The machines are relatively safer since they are regularly serviced and cleaned to ensure any possible threat is quickly dealt with, and restore the equipment to its desired state.
  • An assured supply of water. Customers will never run out of safe drinking water because the company will keep refilling the water at intervals and at times upon request.

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Brisbane Water Cooler Rentals

Brisbane Water Cooler Rentals is a leading Australian business specialising in filtered water cooler rentals in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions. From only $10 per week, you can enjoy clean, fresh, drinking water without the hassles of costly installations, water bottle replacements or even filter maintenance!

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P: 0738905466
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