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The Australian Democrats Announce their NSW Senate Team


The Australian Democrats will be running a Senate team in NSW for the federal election.


Two regional personalities, Tamworth local Chris Buckman and Boggabilla farmer Pete Mailler will be representing the Australian Democrats in NSW. This isn’t the first foray into politics for the regional duo, having previously been candidates for the CountryMinded party which merged with the Australian Democrats in 2018.


Chris Buckman shares, “We are running again because we are committed for the long haul to improve politics for all Australians, whether located in the city, or in more regional and remote parts of Australia.  We are all facing many of the same issues and challenges and we need to unite and work together to demand change. Obviously, we have a real appreciation for the regional context around essential services, but the solutions rely on better politics with integrity and genuine accountability.”


Chris has worked extensively to campaign for better outcomes for his community particularly as a disability advocate. “Things have been tough in NSW with the drought and an ongoing centralization of essential services; it is making it harder for regional Australians to access the support they need. They need a strong voice and a strong party like the Australian Democrats, who puts people, not polls, first, and who value integrity and the needs of all Australians.”


Pete is the party’s lead candidate in NSW and has been a rural advocate for many years, but he says the issues affecting rural Australia are increasingly becoming mainstream issues.  “The biggest issue obstructing real progress is the dysfunction on display in politics.  It demonstrates the need for a credible pragmatic political alternative to stand in the parliament and hold both major parties to account.   We are always concerned about the basics like education and health, but urgent action is also needed on climate, energy and protection of our agricultural land and water for future generations.”


The Australian Democrats were founded over forty years ago with a mission to call out poor behavior in the Parliament, simply the mission is to keep the bastards honest, because politics shouldn’t be a dirty word.





Chris Buckman:            0437319553

Pete Mailler:                0427265707

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