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Women are saving money, time and successfully conceiving with the help of online courses

Fertility naturopath offers evidence-based webinars on natural fertility and preconception care resulting in healthier pregnancies and babies


Sunshine Coast, Australia, 2nd April 2019

A battle with polycystic ovarian syndrome and then an unpleasant experience with morning sickness fuelled Nikki’s passion towards naturopathy and then on to designing her own prenatal supplement range.

 “My journey began after commencing the contraceptive pill when I was 27.  I started piling on the weight and acne appeared on my chin.  As a result, I decided to come off it a couple of months later.  After coming off the pill, my period didn’t return, I continued to rapidly gain weight to a total of 10 kilograms, and the acne on my chin only compounded the damage to my self-esteem.   Over the next 12 months, my period hadn’t returned and I saw specialist after specialist before turning to complementary medicine.  I saw a homeopath, an acupuncturist and finally a naturopath.   I was feeling pretty despondent by that time.  The naturopath formulated a liquid herbal mixture for me and within three weeks my period returned, the acne started to clear and over the next few months I lost several kilograms.

I could not believe the outstanding results, it inspired me to study naturopathy the next year.  That year, while studying and working full time as a flight attendant, I conceived my daughter.  In hindsight, my unplanned pregnancy was probably the best thing that could’ve happened to me.  Being a single mum was tough, but the fast-paced lifestyle I led as a flight attendant prior to my pregnancy, was certainly not good for my health.

Working night shifts on long-haul flights in early pregnancy was a struggle in itself, let alone dealing with morning sickness.  I spent many days in hotel rooms hovering over the toilet bowl and none of the natural remedies I tried seemed to help.

Nine years later I was married and ready to prepare for my second pregnancy.  By this time, I had studied for six years and earned a Diploma in Naturopathy, an Advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine and a Bachelor of Health Science.  As part of the degree course, I undertook extensive research into morning sickness and discovered some insights I had never heard of in my five years of working as a fertility naturopath.

With this pregnancy, my husband and I followed a preconception care plan and I fell pregnant with my second child straight away.  I designed and had made by a compounding pharmacist, a prenatal vitamin that also reduced morning sickness. It worked so well for me and subsequently my clients, that I knew I had to take it to the market.  My aim was to help as many other women as possible on a much larger scale than I could in my clinic.  So was born my Prenatal Trimester One formula and NaturoBest was launched in 2016.

In 2018 I launched online courses to share my naturopathic knowledge with women enabling them to watch the webinars at a time convenient to them.  I measure my success by the positive effects these courses have had on participants conception and pregnancy goals, in particular, their ability to conceive a healthy baby naturally.”

The courses are pre-recorded webinars, presentation slides with Nikki speaking about dietary and lifestyle advice, how to read blood test results and how to supplement accordingly.  The Becoming Supplement Savvy webinar educates people on how to read a supplement label and tell the difference between good quality and poor quality supplements.  Women report feeling empowered after completing the webinars and love the feeling of taking control of their own health, working alongside a practitioner if necessary to achieve the best outcome. 

With health funds no longer offering rebates on naturopathic consultations, it makes sense that women are turning to online courses like these to save money and time.

Courses available to the public are here – www.nikkiwarrennaturopath.com

Testimonials from women who have completed the course are here - https://nikkiwarrennaturopath.com/testimonials-nikkiwarrennaturopathcourses/


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Nikki Warren Naturopath

After over a decade of consulting with clients as a fertility naturopath, Nikki has closed her clinic. However, she has a burning desire to pass on the knowledge learned during that time and launched online fertility, preconception and pregnancy courses to help couples prepare for one of the most rewarding journey's of their lives.

Courses are pre-recorded webinars; a PowerPoint presentation with Nikki discussing each slide. Each webinar focuses on a different stage of your journey from preconception care, fertility for both partners, through to how to cope with common ailments experienced during pregnancy such as morning sickness by using natural therapies.

Course participants have access to the private NaturoBest Babies Facebook group where they can ask Nikki questions relating to the courses or supplementation.

For participants that still need to seek help from a practitioner, Nikki has teamed up with some of the best fertility naturopaths, acupuncturists, obstetrician's and midwives in Australia and New Zealand to assist.  Course participants have access to this referral list after purchasing a course.

Nikki Warren
P: 07 5448 2001
W: www.nikkiwarrennaturopath.com


Courses on how to conceive naturally, diet and lifestyle during pregnancy, how to supplement according to blood test results in pregnancy, how to reduce morning sickness




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