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AFTER several months of renovations by the City of Swan, Garrick Theatre is back in business with the Australian premiere of Silhouette by Simon Brett.

Directed by Fred Petersen, the mystery thriller was first performed in Guildford, England, in 1997 – and now comes to Guildford, Western Australia.

Playwright Simon Brett is a popular English television and mystery writer, best known for his four series of detective novels (Charles Paris, Mrs Pargeter, Fethering and Blotto and Twinks).

In Silhouette, a detective questions an actress about the murder of her husband – and, while she is in the clear, a drunken journalist sleeping in her bed had argued with him shortly beforehand.

The second half of the play is set before the murder and all expectations about the characters and plot are suddenly turned on their heads.

“As a thriller, Silhouette has several aspects that keep you guessing as to who might be the murderer,” Petersen said.

“Coupled with some specific lighting moods, it makes for an unexpected ending that proves sometimes all is not what it seems or appears to be.

“The mood of the play has to be established with lighting, sounds and the characters being believable.

“A couple of special effects certainly enhance the intrigue and, because the play goes back in time, getting both acts to connect is not as easy as it seems.

“The visual aspect of the murder has to be seen by the audience to ensure they follow the time reversal.”

Starting out with a revue company in 1956, Petersen performed at his His Majesty’s Theatre in Oklahoma before appearing with Bobby Limb and Dawn Lake in their Tonight at Eight shows in the late ’50s.

He joined Garrick Theatre in 1976 and has been involved as an actor, director, writer and set builder on a variety of productions over the past 38 years, also directing plays at Marloo Theatre and acting at Limelight and Melville Theatres.

Petersen has received Garrick’s best play award four times and was named best director for Cash On Delivery at the annual Finley Awards. Most recently, he directed Pardon Me, Prime Minister and Panic Stations.

“I read the synopsis for Silhouette on the internet and was immediately taken by the intrigue that weaves its way through the plot,” Petersen said.

“I have recently learned this play has never been performed in Australia and therefore hope our interpretation does the playwright justice.”

Silhouette plays at 8pm November 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, 28, December 2, 3, 4 and 5 with a 2pm matinee November 29. Tickets are $20, $17 concession and $15 children and members – book on 9378 1990 or [email protected].

Garrick Theatre is at 16 Meadow Street, Guildford, opposite the Stirling Arms Hotel and Guildford Town Hall.



silhouette1: Pearce McGrogan, left, is Neville Smallwood and Anna Head is Celia Wallis in the mystery thriller Silhouette at Garrick Theatre.

silhouette2: Detective-Sergeant Fisher (Terry Brown) tries to get an autograph from actress Celia Wallis (Anna Head) in Silhouette.

silhouette3: In Silhouette, WPC Leach (Amber Moore, right) appears to be a normal policewoman – but there’s more to her than meets the eye, as Celia Wallis (Anna Head) finds out.

silhouette4: Alison Burke, left, Tania Clohessy and Terry Brown form the team investigating a murder in Silhouette.

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Garrick Theatre is situated in the heritage town of Guildford, Western Australia. The club was named after the famous English actor and dramatist, David Garrick. Founded in 1932, Garrick is the longest-running community theatre in the Perth metropolitan area.

On April 16, 1932, Mrs W Dancer and a few friends met at "Riversleigh" where it was decided to form a repertory club. On May 13, 1932, Garrick Theatre Club was born. This group gathered regularly at "Riversleigh" until more permanent premises were obtained at the Mechanic's Institute in Guildford.

Later, the move to the club's present home in Meadow Street was made possible with the assistance of the local council, whose interest in Garrick's aims and activites has never waned. This home was constructed in the early days of the Swan River Colony and served initially as quarters for the Commissariat. The building is heritage-listed. Various renovations and additions have taken place over the decades - perhaps most notably a new stage with revolve in the 1990s.
Over more than eight decades, Garrick Theatre has brought to the community a wide variety of entertainment. In its turn, it has received many awards and today is one of the most respected community theatre groups in the State. The club is run entirely by members on a voluntary basis.

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