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The construction industry has suffered for many years with the effects of moisture and is currently recognised as the second most expensive building issue after termite damage. The industry continues to be in turmoil over how this can be an ongoing problem with varying factors of trades to blame. When you dig deeper it is easy to see the cracks of how it all went wrong. 


“Waterproofing is not a recognised trade in Australia. If it were treated the same as an electrical or plumbing trade these issues and damages would not be accepted and certainly not repeated in the construction of building after building and home after home,” said Phil Scardigno, Managing Director of Gripset Industries.

He continued, "It is the responsibility of all involved to make this an industry to be proud of. We have more waterproofing products and more contractors to apply the product than we had 10 years ago, however the damages continue to rise, and change is needed from everyone involved to make the difference.”


Gripset Industries is the first manufacturer in Australia to take the lead on making a difference, with the introduction of Gripset GAPP. The program is encouraging manufacturers to work with contractors and builders on a detailed level of understanding the building envelope of waterproofing and the situations that are faced by waterproofers and builders from day-to-day that are not meeting design or structure standards.


Phil is passionate in his approach and has created the GAPP program to provide the first all-in-one inclusive product and workmanship warranty to the home building market, demonstrating  how serious he is about leaving a legacy in the construction waterproofing industry.


To find out more information about the GAPP program, please email [email protected] or call 1800 650 435




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Gripset Industries

Gripset Industries is an Australian owned company that has been developing and manufacturing waterproofing products for over 30 years.

In the early 1980's the company commenced developing alternatives to solvent based bitumen and resin coatings, using water based and solvent free technology. Gripset has never manufactured solvent or hazardous products, and is a pioneer in green friendly technology and continues as a market leader today. The evolution from this unique technology has led to the development of high quality waterproofing systems for wet areas, weather-exposed surfaces, subterranean structures, and continuously immersed areas, including potable water systems and protective pavement solutions.

Gripset Industries will continue its commitment and dedicated focus on R&D to provide the market with further innovative and sustainable solutions for the built environment. By simplifying many of the challenges in volatile areas we can provide a complete system to ensure your next waterproofing or pavement project is Sealed for Good.


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Gripset Industries introduces new training program, Gripset GAPP, that will change the waterproofing industry.




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