Saturday, March 9th, 2019 - The Duke of Brunswick Hotel

Coelic Disease has more impact than just symptoms and illness.

The Duke of Brunswick Hotel prides itself on being a little weird and solving problems for it's customers in creative ways. Earlier this year publican Simone Douglas sent the Coeliac community into a spin by declaring a ban on gluten in the city pubs kitchen. 

In the six weeks since switching to a 100 percent gluten free menu the small city pub has been inundated with visitors from far and wide, some people traveling for as long as five hours to enjoy a schnitzel or fish and chips without fear of cross contamination. Inspired by all of the stories from her patrons Ms Douglas decided to install a dedicated beer line and partnered with local brewer Lobethal Bierhous to serve their Sorghum Ale to her patrons who are beyond excited at the prospect of being able to enjoy a pint of beer like their friends.

The Duke of Brunswick has found itself the central hub of the Coeliac Community and their extended families and Head Chef Dave West has come through for them yet again by organising an all you can eat pizza party to celebrate the start of Coeliac Awarness Week on Wednesday the 13th of March.

"It's not often you can change someones life or the quality of family relationships by making a business decision" said Ms Douglas "but we hear stories every day from our customers about how we have done just that in creating a safe place where those diagnosed with Coeliac Disease can come together with their families and feel like normal people. Something that the rest of us very much take for granted."


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The Duke of Brunswick Hotel

The Duke of Brunswick Hotel is an eclectic venue that recently took out the City awards for Best business making Adelaide a more livable city.

Our commitment to bringing diverse backgrounds and interests together to see what sticks has seen the pub become home to all sorts of groups. Traditional hearty meals combined with a well curated wine and beer list are topped off with a choice of more than 165 spirits and liqueurs.

Simone Douglas
P: 0411166320


Adelaide's only pub with a gluten free kitchen and gluten free beer on tap throws pizza party for coeliac awareness week.




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