Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 - Radial Life

For every car enthusiast on the block, Radial Life organised a throttle bursting and wheel spinning Drag Race.

The premium racing-inspired clothing brand is run by Paul Sera, who himself is a motor head. Deeply passionate about cars, Paul is usually busy organising events and promoting his brand.

No wonder his passion brought such a thrill to the event that it attracted spectators from across the town.

With an insane selection of cars setting an action packed day of racing, this Drag race turned out to be a huge success.

Talking about the results, Anthony Didonato with his Toyota Soarer totally nailed the 235 class. Matt Brame’s LH Torana was the knight of the 275 division and Jason Ruby owned the Grimm Industries 325 Class with his S13 Silvia.

Moving further, the track had awesome grip. The collaboration between Paul Sera & Ballarat drag club made sure that everything was on point before the event would finally roll.



Numbers that matter

To start with, a total of 1000 spectators showed up for our first racing event. Decent enough? Totally!

Then there were 70 car guys betting their luck on their machines and skills. All of these entrants were added 5 weeks prior into the waiting list. Although only 47 of them came out for the showdown, the vibe was strong, hard and smelled like burning rubber.

Unique Trophies

To call it a day, at the end of the event, Paul Sera awarded the winners with a unique collection of custom trophies. It’s like you take a look and just keep looking at them.



Media coverage

The event was covered by Channel 9 and ACA. All of it combined got the event a total of over 2 million impressions from the social media.

And the best thing is that this is not where it ends. Paul Sera is holding a second event really soon. Stay tuned on the Radial Life website for more information.

This is going to give you all a great time. Try not to miss out.



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Radial Life is the brand for Automotive Enthusiasts. We supply Automotive merchandise including Automotive Clothing. We have a long term aim of bringing Australia car events, car shows and MORE! Please keep checking our website and social media pages for more updates and information. Radial Life, The brand for automotive enthusiasts. We aim to cover the whole car scene, stretching to all corners including:
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