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Lilly & Milly is the first Australian brand developed based on Australian farm theme. Lilly & Milly are two beautiful happy goats live in a green, beautiful and peaceful farm in Australia. This farm makes people feel calm, peaceful and happy just seeing the animals being free and contented. The rich farmland nourishes trees and plants. We use quality natural ingredients in our products. We want everyone to enjoy our beautiful products and feel the happiness, peace and calm from Lilly & Milly farm life and the picturesque Australian countryside.

Lilly & Milly goats milk soap contains quality goats milk, vitamin E and natural almond oil. This gentle goats milk soap is especially suited to those people with dry, itchy and sensitive skin. Lilly & Milly goats milk soap provides the mildest way to remove dirt, oil and grease from the skin and replaces it with natural nut oils and nutrients. Leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and beautiful. Lilly & Milly Goats Milk Soap is using the French Triple-Milled method in its production. Triple-Milled means it is refined three or more times through a heavy duty roller mill. This crushes the soap crystals into a fine paste - making their lather much smoother, creamier and more luxuriant than normal soaps!

Goats Milk Soap Range:

Original Unscented, Original Scented, Oatmeal, Lavender, Manuka Honey, Paw Paw and Kiwi Fruit - RRP $3.85 AUD

Our Guarantee of our skincare 

Made with Natural Ingredients
No Parabens 
No Petrochemicals 
No Artificial Colours & Fragrances
Not tested on animals 
Formulated and Made in Australia

Made with awarded quality food grade goats milk, natural oilS, botanical extracts and essential oils. It gives you more radiant, soft, healthy and beautiful skin.  

Goats Milk Skincare Range:

Balancing Moisturiser 50ml - This light moisturiser, enriched with goats milk, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera leaf gel and Australian tea tree oil. It contains antibacterial properties to protect against impurities. It leaves your skin feeling soft, clean and hydrated. RRP $27.95 AUD

Hydrating Moisturiser 50ml - This lightweight moisturiser provides immediate hydration that lasts all day without causing breakouts or greasiness. It is specially formulated with apple stem cell to provide anti-aging effects. It hydrates, moisturises, restores and renews your skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth. RRP $27.95 AUD

Nourishing Moisturiser 50ml - A rich moisturising cream with lasting effects on hydration and softness. Contains goats milk, organic aloe vera juice, shea butter, orchis mascula extract & oatmeal. It is excellent for dry, mature and damaged skin and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. RRP $27.95 AUD

Brightening Concentrate 30ml - This advanced brightening formula is designed to help enhance skin brightness. This light weight serum is able to penetrate into the skin quickly and provide optimal benefits. It results in a more luminous complexion, beautiful and younger looking skin. RRP $29.95 AUD

Recovering Concentrate 30ml - Formulated with advanced bio-actives to help reduce sun damage and inflammation. It helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and also helps to minimise the appearance of pores and uneven skin tones and reveals a more radiant and younger looking skin. RRP $29.95 AUD

Lilly & Milly products are completely made in Australia. We use Australian ingredients wherever possible and manufacture locally to meet our high Australian standards, which means you can have absolute confidence in the quality.

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Lilly & Milly is the first Australian brand developed based on the theme of an Australian farm. Lilly & Milly  provides natural quality personal care and skin care products to our customers. While they enjoy our beautiful products, they can also feel the story of the brand bringing happiness, peace and calm from Lilly & Milly farm life and the picturesque Australian countryside.



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