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In a 208 year turnaround of events, a monumental reclamation of land has just taken place at Rangihou, New Zealand Street, Parramatta. Land that was placed in the guardianship of Maori King Te Ruki Kawiti (112 acres) by the Burramattagal Clan in 1811, documented by the Rev Samuel Marsden in his journals, to this day and beyond. 

Principal Lady Crown says: “Parramatta City Council is staying silent on the matter knowing that as a local government entity, they are not acknowledged in the Constitution. I feel that they fear being exposed for lording over the people with their internal company laws; knowing they have no head of power or authority; using illegal laws against the people to charge them rates and extort money; and the people know it.”

From 2011, numerous letters have been written to the many heads of this council, simply asking for a True Bill of Sale for the lands and burial site of Rangihou. To this day they have not been able to present this information or rebut the claims of Lady Crown that Maori were given tribal guardianship of 112 acres of land named Rangihou, New Zealand Street in Parramatta. Lady Crown has disclosed that she does in fact hold in her possession a unique document stating that James Ruse, a thief, a convict settler, was given the first ever land grand in Australia’s history of 30 acres, Title Grant Vol. 1 Page 1 Register Generals Title Reference, February 22nd 1792 named Experiment Farm by Governor Phillip. This confirms that NO true bill of sale for any land in Australia exists. James Ruse then sold the land a year later which was the beginning of the illegal sale and trade of aboriginal lands in Australia as we now it today. This is well documented and there is no need to re-hash old news.

Lady Crown is a descendant of Paramount Chief Te Pahi, Maori King Hongi Hika, Queen Turikatuku III and Maori King Te Ruki Kawiti with Originee grandchildren of her own. Back in 1805, her ancestors from Aotearoa were invited and lived in and around Rangihou Parramatta, alongside the Burramattagal Clan. Lady Crown states “I have inherited the knowing of these injustices by simply being born.  Every day I witness theft, destruction and degradation of culture, values, traditions, customs and sacred lands, due to the greed by these corporations. This is well documented in the Supreme Court and Commonwealth. In the last two years, 1100 apartments have been built within metres of the sacred burial site at Rangihou with shareholder reports avail by request FOI Act 1982. This act of greed only benefits corporate shareholders with the intention of minimising our rights on our lands. As the ‘kaiwhatu’ the seer for my ancestors and ‘kaitiaki’ guardian of these lands and sacred burial site, it is on my shoulders to correct this wrong and expose the truth.”

The Office of the Crown, Chief Advisor, served the final notice on the 12th February 2019 in accordance with law, on Mark Stapleton that Trespass Notice is now in place. Mark Stapleton and his employees have been notified that law demands that they atone or risk being charged personally in a lawful court of the Monarch as advised by the Office of the Attorney General.

The Office of the Crown states that because around 110 acres of Rangihou have been unlawfully stolen and privately sold off, they have reclaimed nearby uninhabited common parklands now encompassing Rangihou, James Ruse Reserve, Thomas Robin Reserve, Stewart Street Reserve, Queens Wharf Reserve and Deakin Park Silverwater. The committee leading the way for Rangihou, are passionate about building a Marae on these lands for the purpose of charitable community services; homeless outreach services; memorials; cultural experiences and events.

This reclamation of land is transparent, acknowledged and supported by Originee & Maori Leaders, descendents of the Ancestors & Rev Samuel Marsden and a vast network of the community with clear foresight and knowing that these lands ‘always were, always will be, aboriginal lands.’ The true Custodians of these lands.

“These are the sacred lands of our ancestors and the future for our children & children’s children! This is the burial site of our ancestors! This is where we belong! and Rangihou belongs to us, the guardians!” Lady Crown.

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Office of the Crown is a private foundation of private individuals established 2011.  The Administration consists of Chief Advisors, Head Administrators and Counsel to Lady Crown.  Management consists of a Wise Counsel, Settlors, Project Managers, Land Trust Authority, Crown Marshalls and Volunteers.

Affiliations: Te Kotahitanga Rangihou Marae Council; Te Whakaminenga o nga Mana Wahine; Tribal Sovereign Parliament Gondwana Land; Ngombal Nation; Te Wakaputanga o nga Hapu o Nu Tireni Aotearoa; Tribal Sovereign Parliament of Wiradjuri Nation; Te Hapu Oneone Ngaitamatuhirae o Omuriwaka Nation; H.E Prince Bungau Mudakir; Japanangka Ancient Clan Elder; Hoori Harihona Paerata Maori Paramount Chief; Patu Koraha Tribal Nation; International Tribunal for Crimes by Church and State – Australian Division and the Maori Wardens of Australia.

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Monumental reclamation of land for Maori and Originee peoples of Australia and Aotearoa




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