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Online business success is heavily dependent on the attention your business receives through incoming web traffic. This also goes for your dental practice. You probably already know the term as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Yes, this topic again. Only this time, this article is a must-read if you’re either starting up your dental website or are struggling to find ways to improve your website ranking. It’s wishful thinking to think that at a click-of-a-button, your website will rank at the top of the chain. You will learn in this article the amount of time, effort and dedication it takes to become instantly recognized on Google. Simply building a website isn’t enough to become recognized. You need to work for that traffic. SEO is an essential priority, and your competitors that you see on the first page are also working for the exact same purpose that you are.

All your competitors were formed as a seed once upon a time. And it is never too late for you. We have identified 4 key considerations to take on board to immediately improve your website ranking:

  1. Maximise your Web Content

The first important consideration, how often do you update your website with service content? Prospective patients are always on the lookout for informative and engaging content that allows them to make an informed choice on the treatment services they require. Be at the front of the queue and engage your patients with refreshing content that deliver the following: Outline the specific service you will provide; the treatment procedure and how it is carried out, and the advantages patients would benefit from taking the treatment. Website pages should be created with formal content on treatments & services with a limit of 350-600 words of content outlining the 3 key areas above. Your web content should be created with an industrial leadership mindset. Do not limit yourself to basic posts or updates. Provide a clear message about the dental services you provide and why they should choose your practice.

  1. Optimising your Webpage Titles

Create relevant links with the texts with the name of the keyword. The optimization of your webpage titles not only helps improve the usability of your website, but the use of keywords in your titles boosts your SEO ranking. When clicking onto each individual page, the relevant keywords should be called as actions. Taking a dental treatment for example, if you have a Denture Bridge Treatment page, your page title should be “Denture Bridge Treatment designed to deliver that optimum smile fast.” A rich web page title with descriptive keywords improves your ranking and provides better value for your readers. Keep your web headings informative and to the point of what your readers or prospective patients are looking for. On the other hand, be sure to keep your titles short.


  1. Create and Optimize Blog Content

Blogs are an effective way for patients to get their concerns and comments across. It can be considered as a direct approach these days, but to a wider community. Community blogs are never fully capitalized and can be considered as a gap in the market to exploit. Educational blog content not only maximises SEO results and improves your overall website performance, it helps connect with your audience. Blog content should cover information relating to treatments & services you provide, along with consistent trends relating to dental marketing. Your presence will become more established and it demonstrates a great impression to your patients that you’re open voiced concerns online or sharing of educational information. A collaborative community establishes relationships with your readers, leading to content sharing and optimum results on your search engine ranking.

  1. Create Directory Links

Direct links involve establishing internal and external links through your website. The intention is to ensure prospective patients or general readers are aware of your dental practice and services. In other words, expand your website coverage online. Links to your website should include content that is unique and niche. There is more of a competitive advantage towards you if content identified by readers cannot be found elsewhere, leading to global sharing of your directory link. You could detail different dental procedures and treatments, then determine the pros and cons of each, for example. Your content should be creative yet conduct essential research to ensure any content you’re willing to create is not easily identifiable online. It is a deceptive growth & awareness tactic. Most blogs include incoming links that direct other bloggers through to your website, even from an authoritative website such as yellow pages, can increase your website value

We have touched the surface with effective methods you can use to improve your website search engine ranking. If you are looking for more information, jump onto our website to find more helpful information:




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