Monday, December 24th, 2018 - JENNIFER ELLIS MAKEUP ARTIST

Makeup Artist Jennifer Ellis has been named the winner in 3 categories of the 2018 International Beauty Industry Awards, beating out contestants from 15 different countries. She has received 3 luxurious, hand-crafted statuettes, designed by the same people who make the Golden Globes®, Emmys®, MTV® awards, and People's Choice Awards. Jennifer also made finalist in a 4th Category. 


I’m still pinching myself that I was named the winner, and in 3 categories. It's such an honour that someone like me, who is not from a big city, could compete with those from the likes of New York, Paris and London,she said. 


The Judging Council is made up of industry experts worldwide who do not see any identifying information, such as names, following, sponsorships, backgrounds or the candidate's country of origin. This means winning is based on skill alone, and not how many friends/followers an artist has. 


Ms Ellis specialises in beauty makeup and is known for her ability to create mind-blowing results, while still looking natural. 

A lot of people believe makeup to be creative and having fun playing with colour. But, when you approach makeup from a scientific perspective, you can really enhance someone’s beauty. The science of colour, geometry, and the science of light & dark create the perfect look for the exact face you are working on. says Ms Ellis. 


Ms Ellis has spent years honing her craft and is highly sought after right across the industry with runway shows, magazine publications, motion and countless brides. She also made it as a finalist in 3 categories in the Asia Pacific Makeup Artist Guild awards earlier this year. 


What is in store for Ms Ellis now?  I know how confident women feel when they like what they see in the mirror, and it’s a very powerful thing to help women see the beauty within themselves. Especially when the world is usually telling us what's 'wrong' with us, rather than celebrating what's 'right'.  I will continue to empower women as much as I possibly can, and hopefully this inspires others to do the same. She said.  


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Jennifer Ellis is one of Perth’s most sought-after beauty experts and it is not just for her impeccable skills, she is an indispensable asset to have on any job. Jennifer brings her calming energy to every project and has the unique ability to put the talent at ease and to create a relaxed environment on set.  Her work has taken her across Australia and around the world. 

Taking into account her comprehensive knowledge of complexions, bone structure, colour, product formulations and ingredients, Jennifer is able to create her signature style of a flawless finish for every client appropriate for the project, whether it be motion, print or stage. Jennifer is often praised by photographers & clients worldwide for her ability to create flawless skin and extremely clean work. 

Jennifer’s work has been featured in over 50 publications and this strong understanding of photographic makeup allows Jennifer’s clients to trust that the looks she creates will translate perfectly in print. You'll often see her work on the runway, where she is likely to be keying the show.

She has worked in film, a personal favourite, the award-winning short film “Scarlet Sapphire", Television shows. Music Videos and Commercials such as the “Join In” Campaign for SBS, and Theatre, most notably, Makeup and Wigs for Disney's The Lion King. Jennifer’s well rounded and versatile skill set adds a unique value to the projects and the teams she works with.

Jennifer Ellis
M: 0404527744


Makeup Artist wins International Makeup Artist Award Best Natural Bridal, Best before and afters, Best Mens grooming




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