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Opening a bakery is an exciting moment for anyone who loves a good loaf of bread or a beautiful cake. Large scale baking can be arduous if you don't have the right equipment, and you may end up paying more than necessary in labor if you don't have the right commercial bakery equipment to help you. 

If you're ready to purchase a few new pieces of equipment for your bakery, here are a few tips on choosing good quality baking equipment:

Know what your needs are

Different bakeries have different needs. If your focus is on artisan bread for example, you may prefer to get a deck oven rather than the standard convection oven. A deck oven will allow you to bake more bread at once, and stone cooking decks will allow the crispy crust so many customers enjoy.

For maximum efficiency, roll-in ovens will allow you to minimize handling by simply rolling the bread into the oven for baking and out for cooling. Add a roll-in proofer to this and the bread doesn't have to be touched until it's ready to be packaged and sold.

Your needs will vary depending on what kind of baking you do. If you focus on pastries, your equipment will be different. If you bake a variety, you may need more generic equipment or a variety in order to suit your needs. It's worth browsing different commercial bakery equipment catalogs before making a decision so you can see what is out there.

Check warranties, and look at what the company offers

Some manufacturers don't just offer good equipment, they'll also offer extra features such as a solid warranty or free maintenance. Commercial baking equipment needs to be carefully cleaned in order to avoid food borne illness.

Most equipment does come with cleaning instructions that are fine for every day use, it's still a good idea to get them professionally cleaned once or twice a year to ensure the health and safety of your customers. If your equipment comes with these cleanings, it makes your job that much easier.

When ever possible, choose automated equipment

Just like it's much easier to beat egg whites until they are stiff with a mixer instead of a whisk, automating the baking process is also a smart step. Automated equipment is nearly always more expensive than non-automated, but it will pay for itself in the long run through reduced labor costs and increased efficiency.


If you're not sure what equipment you might need, contact the company you are interested in purchasing from and ask them about their products. Most companies will be happy to help you choose the products that are right for you and in your budget. Getting the right products is critical for the success of your bakery, so don't hesitate to ask questions, and take your time while making a decision. The right equipment is a big asset for your company, and well worth taking the time to be selective.


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If you're ready to purchase a few new pieces of equipment for your bakery, here are a few tips on choosing good quality baking equipment.



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