Tuesday, December 11th, 2018 - Steve Davis #UsTwo

Australian performers Gretel Killeen and Glynn Nicholas are reuniting after 30 years avoiding each other, to produce a stage show called #UsTwo – the hilarious his and her versions of our lives.

From the kiss that nearly killed Killeen to Nicholas’ tango worth dying for, these comic legends will make The Holden Street Theatres their own in January 2019, as they contrast and compare how life has treated them due to gender and age.

“In the show, Gretel will reveal why you should never marry a man who has a nickname for his willy, why people who wear sensible shoes live longer, and how to train your children to save for your retirement,” says Glynn Nicholas.

“Glynn will reflect on why failure to practice guitar hasn’t helped anyone working on this project and why, when his daughter lovingly calls him 'a player', he pretends to be indignant,” adds Gretel.

Gretel Killeen and Glynn Nicholas first performed together in the mid 1980’s. Since then Gretel has hosted award-winning television, written best-selling books, performed as a comic for troops around the world and raised awareness of AIDS orphans, refugees and asylum seekers and global poverty. And Glynn? Where did he go? Cruise ships for f*&k’s sake. Although admittedly he was a legend on the ground-breaking Big Gig and his company has managed and presented more than twenty original stage productions, including shows in Europe and London’s West End.

Both Glynn and Gretel have also raised children (not with each other), been married, divorced and joined that league who think they look much younger than their actual age.

Now, due to fate and maturity (not to mention Glynn’s constant, annoying and dogged nagging) Gretel and Glynn have written a new show that artfully and hilariously compares the male and female versions of life.

It’s full of stories, comedy, music, nostalgia, sexual tension, tears, outright lies, familiarity and a bit of tango that is simply not to be missed.

With a limited first season and a guarantee that there will be no forced audience participation, this show is a must see for a deliciously heart-warming night (late afternoon on Sunday).

Holden Street Theatres, 34 Holden Street, Hindmarsh

January 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th 2019

Tickets at holdenstreettheatres.com and eventbrite.com


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Steve Davis #UsTwo

To arrange interviews with Glynn Nicholas or Gretel Killeen, please contact Steve Davis.

Tickets available at holdenstreettheatres.com and eventbrite.com

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Do women and men really experience life differently? What about showbiz? What about when they're older? TV stars Gretel Killeen and Glynn Nicholas will answer these questions in a hilarious stage show in Adelaide in January.



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