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As the search engine continues to grow, it’s planting more trees and providing meals for those in need


DECEMBER 7, 2018 - SamSearch is an emerging search engine that has been compared to larger such platforms, such as Google, but it also has some unique features that make it a standout.


For example, SamSearch is committed to protecting the online privacy of its users. To accomplish this, SamSearch pledges to never build user data profiles that can be sold. This is a unique deviation from many of the large and popular search engines.

At this time, SamSearch is currently expanded into 7 countries. Originally launched in Australia, the company is 100% Australian owned. As a forming company promise 10% of revenue is donated to Australian non-profits that fall within its areas of interest and change.


Those areas include making a positive impact on the environment, promoting and catering to animal and habitat welfare, and ending human suffering. As the SamSearch platform continues to grow and more users flock to it, its creators are scaling up their giving efforts. According to the SamSearch team, as their volume of users increases, so are the amount of trees they plant. Also, the number of meals they offer to those in need is also increasing.


SamSearch is a for-profit, but its benefits for business are distinct. By offering search marketing opportunities that address common concerns found in traditional ad search marketing, SamSearch is offering a whole new level of marketing for companies interested in dominating in search results. For companies, this equates to an easy and cost-effective way to create targeted search ads, drive high quality traffic, and generate higher levels of ROI.


SamSearch is committed to creating a better world for all. “You search, and we plant trees and serve meals,” said the SamSearch team. Details can be found at


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SamSearch is a search engine protecting user privacy while giving back to the world by planting trees and feeding those in need.



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SamSearch is an internet search engine that protects your privacy and operates to better the environment, animal welfare and human suffering.

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