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2013 SA Psychic of the Year, Barry Gray, to Appear at Adelaide Fringe in 2019

Woodcroft SA, Australia – December 3, 2018 – Barry Gray, SA Psychic of the Year 2013, has announced his attendance at Adelaide Fringe 2019. Barry expects to give attendees at the event something different at this year’s event. It’s the first time this genre has been represented at the Fringe.

Australia's major open arts festival and a meeting of some of the most creative and inspired Aussie minds, Barry Gray's skill and reputation will be a welcome addition to Adelaide Fringe. The Psychic of the Year award is a prestigious honour. It comes from the votes of those who have benefitted from a psychic’s readings and shows. Barry has touched many lives through his individual and group readings including those performed face to face, via phone, and Skype. He performs a range of reading types, including flower, photograph, psychometry, and mediumship readings.

Barry’s award-winning efforts for communicating with the Spirit World have earned him a huge following. He has increased awareness across a diverse audience by delivering detailed messages with an honest, down to earth approach. Now, his followers throughout Australia can experience his gift in person at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe event.

Adelaide Fringe began 58 years ago and is the biggest ticket selling open-access arts festival in Australia. The Fringe typically takes up the entire city of Adelaide along with many of its surrounding suburbs and regional areas. The goal of the festival is to provide participants with 31 magical days and nights filled with performances and demonstrations by artists from Australia and around the globe. Until now, communicating with the Spiritual World is one discipline that has never been represented at the Fringe.

Barry knows from experience that his talent will easily contribute to the “Wow” factor at the heart of the festival. The setting of Adelaide Fringe only emphasises the spiritual nature of what he’s been sharing with others for nearly a lifetime. The setting is on the ancestral lands of the Kaurna people, who have an ongoing spiritual and cultural connection with the country.

Barry Gray grew up in East London where he enjoyed a typical family life. While he spent his childhood experiencing the same things and situations as any other kid his age, he always felt a little different. Barry started experiencing the sound of voices and the insight to know when things were about to happen before they did. Often, he recognised the presence of spirits in the room, even when it appeared that he was alone.

It wasn’t until Barry received a message from his grandfather that he began to explore what it meant to be a medium. After an education from some very compassionate and knowledgeable teachers, he began demonstrating Mediumship at various venues throughout the country. Today, he also runs workshops and performs private readings when time permits.

Barry’s appearance at Adelaide Fringe is an opportunity for him and those sitting in the audience to make a connection like no other. Just as he had to learn to embrace his natural ability, those who benefit from his gift have the opportunity to learn exactly what it means. The idea behind the Fringe is to surprise the audience and evoke an unexpected response. No other show included in the festival has the same potential to fill this requirement as Barry’s performance. This is the chance for a large number of festival attendees to experience how special communicating with the Spirit World is, and the impact it can have on their lives.

Barry’s attendances at Adelaide Fringe are on Thursday 14 March and Saturday 16 March in 2019 at Grand Central Underground. Anyone interested in getting tickets or learning more about the 2013 Psychic of the Year can visit Barry’s website or contact Adelaide Fringe. This is the first opportunity of its kind and it looks to be a fascinating one.


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