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The recipe for an exciting exhibition

This year will once again scramble together two dozen South Australian artists to take part in the phone photography exhibition Skrambled Eggs VIII on 6/12/18. Skrambled Eggs, perhaps the world’s longest-running phone photography exhibition, is back for its eighth run (over nine years).

The exhibition strips away fancy camera equipment and leaves the raw talent and creativity of the photographers behind— although, of course, smartphone cameras have been rapidly increasing in quality over the eight years the exhibition has been running. The driver of the exhibition, Benjamin Liew, undertook the first exhibition in 2010 and was shot entirely on an iPhone 3GS, which had just three megapixels. Five years on and artist Alice Healy used her smartphone encased with waterproofing to capture artful underwater shots. Past photographs include timelapse, underwater, still life and candid portraits. There’s no telling what new ideas will hatch in 2018. Whatever happens, you can expect to be surprised and moved with these sincere, yet imaginative, shots from 24 very different artists.

Although phone photography has improved with the help of leading edge technology in the palm of our hands, it still proves to be a tricky art form. It’s limiting— and somewhat frustrating— for professional photographers who are aided by some of the best purpose built technology. Yet that’s the whole point of this innovative exhibition, where artists are put to the test to show you what they can still do without their usual tools. The exhibition highlights what can be done in this day and age, with the “humble” smartphone.


Each artist, all of varying backgrounds, is handpicked through their existing collections, often showcased through social media. At first, some were hesitant about being known for shooting photos on their phone but soon enough they came round after exploring where their talent led them.


The photographs will be printed, displayed and available for purchase at the event sponsored by Atkins Technicolour, Brent Leideritz, Duke of Brunswick, Max & Me Wines & Deviation Road Wines.

Skrambled Eggs VIII

6 December 2018


Duke of Brunswick

Free — drink on arrival and nibbles provided

Artworks for sale

Why the name?

‘Eggs are a metaphor for our ideas and concepts that we spend time hatching in our mind. And sometimes, those ideas get scrambled into a delicious mess,’ Ben Liew, co creator.

About the creator: Benjamin Liew

Skrambled Eggs has been curated by Benjamin Liew since he founded the exhibition in 2010.

Benjamin is a multi award winning commercial and portrait photographer based in Adelaide. He is an accredited Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Master Photographer with gold bar status and has worked with some of Australia’s biggest brands.

Benjamin has an impressive array of national and international photography awards to his name, including finalist positions in the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize, Royal Photographic Society’s International Print Exhibition and National Photographic Portrait Prize. He has proudly shown his work at over twenty four exhibitions.

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Benjamin Liew

M: 0421 127 369


Skrambled Eggs VIII: Two dozen Adelaide artists and their phones get cracking on eighth annual Skrambled Eggs photography exhibition



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