Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

South Australian reverse speech specialist David John Oates today releases the latest in a series of intriguing publications exploring the duality of speech…

What exactly does that mean?

In his book; ‘A new theory about language’, David reveals the astounding discovery he made and has been researching, testing and applying to human speech for over 30 years.

The theory suggests that hidden within our forward communications are recognisable but covertly spoken words, phrases and sentences only heard when forward speech is played backwards, communication David believes reflects our deepest thoughts, feelings and beliefs…

In fact, through the therapeutic applications of what David calls Reverse Speech, he’s been able to help thousands of people from all walks of life, all over the world overcome a multitude of psychological, physical and social issues.

But that’s not all…

David’s theory has also led to him uncovering hidden messages within speech that provide an often disturbing, sometimes comical glimpse into people’s true motivations, many of which he shares in this fascinating new book.

To celebrate the release of the book and demonstrate this remarkable theory, David is hosting a Public Lecture to be held on Tuesday 10th of November at BioSA Conference Centre
40-46 West Thebarton Road, Thebarton, in Adelaide.

You are invited to join him, to listen in person to what he calls ‘reversals’ (I believe he has some interesting revelations about our very own PM: Malcolm Turnbull) and decide for yourself if his ‘new theory about language’ is, as many believe, the ultimate lie detector.


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Reverse Speech is a company engaged in research into the phenomenon known as reverse speech - backward messages in speech. The company publishes books and websites as well as engages in psychotherapeutic services.

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