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Sunshine Coast age pensioner, Jacqui Plowman, aged 77, is set to become homeless at 11 am, Thursday 29 November, when she will be locked out of her current home.


Mrs Plowman, and her son Pedro*, moved into 62 Parsons Rd, Forrest Glen, in February this year, having searched 7 months for a new home when their previous home of 5 years was listed for sale. An elderly woman does not want to move frequently, so Jacqui sought assurance that long term tenants were wanted. Christa Elliot, acting for property owner, Don Hungerford, freely gave that assurance. However only a 6 month lease was given. Then, after less than a year in her new home, Jacqui and her son were given Notice to Leave Without Cause.


Having unsuccessfully applied for numerous rentals, the Plowmans had not been able to move within the notice time given. Following a QCAT hearing, and having been deaf to all appeals for compassion, Ms Elliot and Mr Hungerford have taken out a warrant of possession to be executed by police at 11 am on Thursday. At that time, Jacqui and Pedro Plowman will join the growing ranks of homeless people in Queensland. Fortunately these two have temporary places to stay.


Under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 landlords may give notice to leave “without cause”, which means notice to leave can be given entirely arbitrarily, or using without cause to hide an unlawful reason. Additionally landlords bear no responsibility for hardships, economic or otherwise, brought about be arbitrarily being told to move.


The Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act is currently up for review (see, with submissions closing at 5PM AEST on Friday 30 November 2018. Removing “without cause” from the provisions for notice to leave, along with defined acceptable and unacceptable reasons for giving notice, would give the growing number of Queensland renters greater security of tenure. Renters also deserve access to compensation for undue hardship caused by being told to move.


Jacqui and Pedro Plowman will be available to talk with media at 62 Parsons Rd, Forrest Glen, at 11 am, Thursday 29 November.


Phone contacts…

  • Jacqui Plowman 0414 188 842
  • Pedro Plowman 0400 473 376
  • Don Hungerford 07 5445 1276
  • Christa Elliot 0413 649 099


* That son is myself. I have shared housing with mother since the year in which her husband, my father, was dying.

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A son concerned about his mother's imminent homelessness.

Pedro Plowman
M: 0400 473 376


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